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Mohawk Revwod


Highly practical and extremely durable, RevWood Plus is protected by a tough wear layer that resists scuffs, scratches and dents to keep your floor looking like new.

Mohawk Revwod


Mohawk RevWood floors are offered in a lovely array of patterns, styles, and designs that will fit any individual’s taste; whether that’s modern, contemporary, or traditional. Ever since the beginning of 1878, in which Mohawk was a small carpet manufacturer, it has now expanded to produce hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and bamboo thanks to innovative ideas and subsequent growth. Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to tell the difference between synthetic laminate and bona fide hardwood – which is what Mohawk Flooring is so good at displaying within all their laminate products. Now with the high-end hardwood visual that is captured with these laminate floors, customers are now given more options that fit their budget! Which is very excited.

Laminate Surface

Given its low maintenance and easy-to-clean surface, several situations like: water accidents, messy arts and crafts, or even splattered food scenarios certainly favor laminate flooring over hardwood. Apart from chaotic circumstances that include messes – rowdy pets, active children, and the overall hectic nature of everyday life will not wear down, scratch, or dent the laminate surface of these Mohawk floors. A GenuEdge technology is also implemented into these planks – an exclusive overlay design that prevents dirt and dust build up. Leaving your floors to not only look stunning 100 percent of the time, but extremely easy to maintain when it comes to those dreadful Saturday mornings when it’s time to pretty-up the house.

The colors and realistic textures the surface of these laminate floors present is perfectly designed to not only give individuals that “quality” look, but offer a more affordable price everyone can joyfully consider. You will be headache free from costly installations and still receive realistic aesthetics when choosing Mohawk laminate floors for your next home project.

Popular Mohawk Laminate Collections

Mohawk offers 14 exquisite wood-look laminate collections, with all offering striking and unique visuals of hardwood. Mohawk Celebration is one of the more popular collection in which it displays very subtle color variations with detailed wooden grains to create a sophisticated floor everyone loves. This naturally beautiful series consists of hues ranging from light to dark browns, with each color containing authentic features and accents to really highlight how rich and luxurious this line really is. If you are looking for more of a rustic and exotic mix of colors, Chalet Vista is the perfect choice. This rugged looking laminate flooring collection mimics the hues of wine barrels with distinct knotting and graining features to really bring out the true beauty and characteristics this series can offer for any area of your home! Mohawk Havermill displays weathered worn visuals of hardwood with incorporated patterns of wood, creating an appealing look that’s both gorgeous and unique. The natural streaking and swirls each laminate plank contains brings each color to life, making it effortless to fall in love with every style.

If you are someone who loves to be different and stand out, Painted Reserve will give you just that. This laminate line replicates hardwood to the point where you can’t even tell it’s not! Through every brush stroke and defined detail that layers each surface, you will not be disappointed with the contemporary sense of style each color provides. Mohawk Reclaimed Chic is unlike any wood look laminate collection - its stylish and alluring appeal of bona fide reclaimed hardwood places this shabby but elegant collection at the top of everyone’s list. The soft graining patterns and the weathered rustic look of this laminate floor will give you nothing less than spectacular.


Mohawk laminate floors come with outstanding lifetime structural warranties for both residential and commercial, unlike several other laminate manufacturers. A Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty is offered as well as a Commercial Warranty.

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