Crossville Tile

Crossville Tile

Since 1986, Crossville Tile has worked hard to become a premier provider of gorgeous ceramic and porcelain stone tiles that capture the look of natural stone. Innovative without sacrificing tradition, Crossville continues to take the flooring world by storm and the beautiful collections that they have designed are fully capable of completely transforming any and every space they fill into a sophisticated and elegant showpiece.

With collections that truly have a story to tell, Crossville tile offers porcelain tile lines that are versatile and appropriate for accentuating any space. For example, Buenos Aires Mood is a flawless replication of Latin American ambiance. That said, Buenos Aires Mood offers colorways such as Recoleta, which is actually the name of the downtown part of Buenos Aires, and Tango, a dance so popular in Buenos Aires that they hold a festival for it every year.

Telling even more tales is Tuscan Clay, a masterful porcelain collection that resembles the warm and earthy tones of an Italian villa. Moreover, because Crossville Tile has made a habit out of taking each collection's theme a step further, Crossville Tile has solidified the Italian look and feel of Tuscan Clay by giving each of the four available colors Italian-names that span from Bianco, a soft cream, to Grigio, a sophisticated grey.

Crossville Empire is yet another highly favored collection that has been designed and named around the French stylings of the 19th century. Available in 12 tractable styles, the Empire series features polish and sheen that promises to add trend while maintaining a truly timeless feel.

New to Crossville is the Main Street collection. Both of these collections offer a soft stone look, a wide selection of colors, and a perfect range of sizes. Truth be told, we feel that both Crossville Main Street has been smartly designed and cleverly named. More specifically, Main Street offers a four-fold palette and, we feel, it is very obvious that Crossville has taken an appropriate amount of time and care with naming each color. That being said, Crossville Main Street spans from Cinema, a light beige, to Boutique, a posh black.

Another new addition to the Crossville Tile family is the Wood Impressions collection. Wood Impressions fuses the beautiful grain patterns of hardwood with the durability of porcelain tile, making it a great hardwood alternative. So, for areas where a hardwood flooring application is not recommended, e.g., a kitchen or a bathroom, Wood Impressions offers a lovely stand-in.

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