EF Contract LVT

EF Contract LVT
BOLYU Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring (LVT)

shows that function and form can nurture a successful and rewarding, long-term relationship. Typically known for their high-quality carpet, BOLYU switches gears flawlessly with this jointly distributed collection, by using high quality materials and state-of-the-art processes to create this series of LVT flooring ‒ engineered to render unsurpassed durability and aesthetics.

Select from natural woods, weathered, textile and mineral designs with creative authority, the tiles in this collection begin with a strong foundation and are built out from there with exact, pragmatic graphics. The planks finish with a UV cured wear layer that integrates silver nano anti-microbial technology ‒ which has been proven to forbid fungal and bacterial growth. With multiple color options, this series begins with 11 options of wood-look tile ‒ such as dark BOLYU Vintage Teak, or perhaps a lighter-colored wood-effect with BOLYU Asian Larch. In the weathered-wood effect category, a gorgeous four-color palette of oaks and grays gives the boardwalk effect with BOLYU Oceanside Grey, or you can go for the stone effect with BOLYU Cool Stone. The options within this collection are virtually endless when it comes to design capabilities, as these spirited tiles are available in three favorable sizes ‒ 4x36 inch planks, longer and larger planks at 6x48 inches, and 18.5x18.5 inches for a traditional square-shaped application pattern.

So whether or not you are looking for a weathered wood look or a windswept stone look, this all-new, incredible collection, chock full of value in multiple categories, is sure to meet your needs. Not only does this series look real, it also feels real on your feet, but unlike genuine stone or hardwood, the luxury planks and tiles in the BOLYU Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection are incredibly durable, and also very simple in installation, cleaning and maintenance processes.

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