Mohawk Kingmire

Mohawk Kingmire
The Mohawk Kingmire collection combines the beauty of hardwood flooring with the durability of laminate flooring. When it comes to superior waterproof performance, this floor is made with Mohawk's Hydroseal technology that actively repels moisture. This floor can handle spills and splashes. With Hydroseal coating, these floors repel water and resist swelling due to moisture.

In terms of scratches, the Mohawk Kingmire collection's protective wear layer resists scratches and scuffs. This floor is built to last and withstand everyday wear and tear.

Have pets? Worried about scratches or accidents? These floors have an all pet plus warranty that covers all accidents, plus scratches that are due to pets.

The Mohawk Kingmire collection can be installed using Mohawk's Uniclic glueless locking system, which clicks together and maintains tight joints that trap water on the surface of the floors.

The collection comes with a Limited Lifetime Residential warranty and a five year Light to Medium Commercial warranty.

The Mohawk Kingmire Collection

The Mohawk Kingmire collection is made up of seven bold and rich laminate flooring options.

Kingmire Toasted Chestnut is blend of light blonds, warm, mid-tone browns, with dark knots throughout. The blend of the different brown tones create a floor that is contemporary yet slightly rustic.

Kingmire Nutmeg Chestnut has an overall slightly "colder" feel to it. The blondes in this flooring are on the more ashy side of blondes instead of the warm yellow that appear in Kingmire Toasted Chestnut. The floor is a blend of blondes mixed with warm, chestnut browns and dark knots. Kingmire Brownstone Chestnut is a blend of light, chestnut browns and dark, weathered blacks. This floor has a very rustic appearance to it. The color combination, however, gives it an overall soothing and contemporary look.

Kingmire Rustic Rye Chestnut is a light blonde floor that is a blend of both light, warm yellow blondes with knots of browns throughout. This floor has a lot of warmth to it and makes any space feel inviting.

Kingmire Bourbon Hickory is a blend of dark, chocolatey browns and warm, rich, cherry browns. The blend comes together to create a floor that is bold, rustic, and makes a statement in a space.

Kingmire Rustic Suede Hickory is a blend of dark, bold browns and warm, chestnut browns. This is a nice mid-tone brown floor to add to a space that gives it an overall sophisticated feel.

There is only one grey flooring option in this collection. A blend of light, ashy greys, mid-tone greys, and dark knots, this floor has a rustic and worn appearance to it.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Mohawk laminate, click here.

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