QU-Cork Flooring Tiles

QU-Cork Flooring Tiles
If you�re looking for something a bit different for your flooring, QU-Cork Flooring Tiles has you covered. This flooring utilizes exactly what you think it does � taking what you�d normally find on a corkboard or in a wine bottle and applying it to your flooring. With this, you get a really unique look that is also eco-friendly and designed to last. If you�re worried about cork not lasting, toss your fears aside because like hardwood, cork is also harvested from trees � only in an eco-friendly way. Trees are hearty which means wood and cork are hearty, too.

This collection features rather unique color blends and styles such as QU-Cork Flooring Tiles Hints of Cocoa. This style takes everything you know about your typical golden cork and meshes in dark, chocolatey brown pieces to give it a look similar to a chocolate chip granola bar. Likewise, Burl Green Tones takes on an interesting look with green appearing a bit �mossy� in appearance and more on the healthier side of granola.

The QU-Cork Flooring Tiles collection comes in a simple yet impressive size of 12�x36� which makes installation easy and shows off the cork look you�ve chosen. Don�t be afraid to browse and try something new!
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