DM Hardwood

DM Hardwood

DM Hardwood Flooring offers two beautifully complete collections with endless options to personalize your home through the latest oil finish technologies. Their UV-Cured hardwood surfaces are ideal for any traditional and/or modern style you may desire, and resistant enough for all types of commercial and residential use. With gorgeous color palettes and realistic natural hardwood flooring features, these planks are here to revolutionize our interiors in more than one way.

This stylish hardwood flooring compilation presents their two series DM Royal Oak and DM Royal Oak Maison, which introduce us to an array of colors including naturally stunning shades from golden oak and maple sugar resembling textures, to darker new ebony and your favorite classic cherry hues. This collection integrates a color for everyone, and all of these selections are available in the unique sizes of not only 7 1/2 inch wide but has an option of 10 1/4 inch wide as well. Lengths are an impressive 75 inch and 87 inches respectively. These lengths give that perfect visual which accurately resemble natural wood planks and provide you with that authentic look so popular today.

Additionally, these collections also feature style alternatives containing hand scraped textures for those striving for a rustic look, wire brushed for minimalists, light saw marks for additional wood detail, among others. All of this with the benefits of a UV-cured oil finish, such as a future easy maintenance and being resistant to moisture and scratches.

In terms of construction, these DM Flooring collections consist of a 4 mm face veneer, which makes these planks resistant enough for constant traffic in homes and offices. They require a glue down, staple or float installation, making it a quick, easy, hence, stress-free process that will provide you with your dream floor surfaces efficiently and in less time! It's that simple. It's that beautiful. It's DM.

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