Mohawk Ivey Gates

Mohawk Ivey Gates
Revwoods Mohawk Ivey Gates line of laminate flooring is a traditional yet versatile oak that can mesh with just about any decor styling. This collection of flooring goes above and beyond other generic laminate boards out there. Its not only the scratch resistant and the fade proof qualities that make it stand the test of time, but with classic tones and look the Ivey Gates line will be a fixture of your home for generations to come.

Mohawks Ivey Gates is a collection of laminate hardwood surfaces that is as durable and sturdy as regular hardwood, but with easy upkeep. Many people have to sacrifice their ideal hardwood flooring for cheaper laminated tile. Now though, with this superb and sturdy hardwood you can have your cake and eat it too. This special one-of-a-kind flooring is formed by a special adhesive that is driven deeply into the wood fibers as the separate pieces are forced together under high heat and pressure. This process helps the adhesive to cure by allowing it to penetrate the minuscule wood fibers and become entrenched into the wood itself. Moreover, it helps the tiny adhesive molecules bind to the wood fibers. This lamination technique makes the Revwood alternative stronger and more enduring than solid wood.

Compared to other generic wood flooring products Ivey Gates protective lamination layer not only makes it water and stain proof, but four times more scratch resistant. Traditional hard wood flooring doesnt usually keep its like-new condition due to the wear and tear of family life. Kids spill and pets scratch. With the durable top laminated layer of the Ivey Gates line, you will never have to worry about scratches again, while stains are extremely easy to clean and a thing of the past. And for those of you who have a family, pets, or both, this stress and stain-free laminate hardwood is a god send. When a major toddler typhoon happens all thats required is a basic cleaner and the floor will look little more than a day old. Additionally, this Ivey Gates series is steam cleanable so excessive moisture damage that usually happens to traditional hardwood will be a thing of the past.

One of the other features that sets Revwoods series apart from other generic flooring is the Genuedge technology. This hardwood is made visually stunning thanks to Genuedge technology, which also seals the laminated flooring to prevent dust and filth from becoming trapped as they do in other wide beveled laminated floorings.

This Mohawk Ivey Gates collection comes in 4 different shades of oak- from the lighter Sailors Rope Oak to the darker Natural Bark Oak. These tones are versatile and can match any style or shade of room. To match lighter walls or furniture the Natural Bark Oak or Polished Grey colors will pair nicely. On the opposite side of the coin if you have industrial furniture with a darker tone the lighter shades such as Nantucket Beige or Sailors Rope Oak will complement nicely.

Finally, Revwoods Ivey Gates is extremely easy to install. This product uses Uniclic technology, which connects individual planks together horizontally. With this revolutionary Uniclic method flooring installation has never been faster or more efficient. And did we mention on top of everything this superb flooring is made in the USA? Dont wait any longer for a quality laminated oak that will last and impress houseguests for generations. Check it out today!
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