Bamboo Hardwoods Manor II

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Bamboo Hardwood Manor reminds us that sustainable design has never been this fashionable. With the aid of a stunning color palette of cherry and golden oak resemblances, espresso browns and whites, plus an impeccable sense of style ready to make a statement of environmental responsibility and sophistication, we tell you that the sky's the limit.

As it was mentioned earlier, the color palette partially consists of a scale of cherry oak resemblances, starting with their lightest Almond, featuring a gingerbread brown with a solid background only displaying a few darker shades of this same tonality. Next in list is Mulled Cider, which adds a little bit more of that brightness many design innovators love to see on their surfaces, through a delicate red cherrywood color. Their Flintlock selection is equally appealing, by adding more walnut brown to that cherry stain, followed by Blackened Hickory, which, just like its name suggests, depicts a jet black background with a few undertones of mud oak brown. And if you consider yourself a fan of modern rustic, take a closer look at their Ivory, consisting of a pearl white with gray shading youll love. Finally, for traditionalists willing to innovate, their Heritage selection is just for you, keeping that customary golden oak look with more defined graining on each plank.

These 72- long x 5 wide planks are available to be installed through a nail, staple, glue or floating installation, making this collection accessible enough for a stress-free, quick and easy installation process. Be as stylish as you like and the difference youd like to see in the world through Bamboo Hardwood Manor.
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