Bella Cera hardwood floors takes pride in producing high quality handcrafted wooden floors, carved by expert artisans, in order to create the authentic look and feel of warmth that only a handcrafted wooden floor can provide. There are several different species of wood to choose from, including standard options such as hickory, maple, walnut, cherry, birch, and more exotic choices such as Brazilian cherry, African mahogany, and African rosewood.

There are several collections of hardwood flooring available from Bella Cera, including Amalfi Coast, a hand stained hickory series featuring planks of various widths, the Genova line of floors, including hand scraped options in variable or fixed width planks fashioned out of hickory, maple, and walnut, and Catania, an exotic wooden floor selection that includes planks constructed with African mahogany, red rose, African rosewood, and Brazilian cherry.

No matter what style of décor is featured by a room, Bella Cera offers a hardwood floor that is perfect for accentuating it. These floors create a feeling of classic warmth, an inviting atmosphere that looks excellent when paired with either a modern contemporary or classically elegant style. With so many collections, wood species, finishes, and flooring layouts to choose from, one will have no trouble finding the perfect hardwood floor to suit their space. These gorgeous Bella Cera hardwood floors are a great way to accent any type of décor, and enhance the appearance of any space in a home.

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