Ceramiche Provenza has provided the world with state-of-the-art, innovative ceramic and porcelain flooring products since its inception in Sassuolo, Italy in 1975. For nearly 40 years, Provenza Tile has lived up to its high standards of manufacture and customer service, proving themselves to be one of the best tile manufacturers in not only Europe but also across the globe. Thanks to high-definition imaging technology, the detail that goes into each Provenza flooring tile looks and feels realistic, authentic, and convincing. Whether you need an elegant, sophisticated tile installed in your loft, country estate, or industrial space, Provenza has much to offer consumers and designers alike.

While more Provenza collections are on their way to be included in our repertoire, the W-Age style is one of their most interesting choices. Modeled after crosscut timber, showcasing tree rings that signify age, W-Age is an excellent homage to the outdoor environment without having to destroy a single part of it. Available in four colors‒bright ivory Marrow, dark charcoal Cortex, intermediate brown Heartwood, and muted copper Ring‒anyone with elegant tastes will find solace in the Provenza W-Age line. For more information on this collection, don't hesitate to call us at 866-705-1340 so you can get your flooring project started sooner rather than later. Keep checking back with us, as more Provenza collections are on their way.
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