Bruce Hardwood

The Bruce Hardwood flooring brand is all about quality. You'd expect nothing less from an Armstrong brand. For over 100 years, they have provided beautiful, warm, and inviting hardwood flooring options for a variety of projects and décor styles. Their primary focus is on the smooth, clean look of wood they only work with the highest quality wood to produce products that have few to no imperfections, such as knots. To ensure their hardwood is only the best, they have 75 checkpoints that the wooden plank goes through. If this hasn't sold you already, perhaps their products will.

There are many beautiful flooring styles for you to choose from, each coming with their own unique style to suit a variety of tastes. There is a hand scraped options, rustic styles, traditional styles of American hardwood, and exotic hardwood options to choose from. Take a look at the Bruce Hardwood American Originals, which features a rustic look of wood that has been a little roughed up over the years, with charcoal staining as the result. Bruce Hardwood Waltham Strip is a clean, beautiful style of flooring in a unique narrow strip format, allowing you to arrange the planks in a way that suits your taste best. Bruce Hardwood Frontier Birch also offers a clean, beautiful golden brown hardwood design with minimal knotting and other flaws, producing a beautiful, traditional style of hardwood. And these are only a mere couple of examples that Bruce Hardwood offers. There is plenty more to see and wood that will not disappoint!

Be sure to check out the popular collections: Bruce Dundee Plank collection and the Bruce Turlington collection.

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