Shaw Contract Commercial

Shaw Contract Commercial

Shaw Commercial Luxury Vinyl amalgamates utility, style, durability, reliability, and cost effectiveness for a welcome fit to your business. A leader in both residential and commercial realms of the flooring industry, Shaw has consistently released quality flooring products for a wide range of uses. Producing hardwood, commercial carpet, laminate, and luxury vinyl tile at various points in time since its inception in 1946 as a small carpet dye company, Shaw has become one of the most renowned flooring manufacturers throughout the entire world. The flooring powerhouse recently introduced its line of commercial luxury vinyl tile that exhibits hardwood, travertine, and textured styles as well as others. While vinyl ‒ along with linoleum and laminate‒ has historically had the pejorative reputation of an inferior flooring product with a conspicuously tacky facade, several improvements have been made in vinyl manufacture and technology that render it a fierce competitor with other, more established flooring products.

Is your hardwood floor becoming scratched or damaged by moisture? Does your old carpet look like it was transplanted from a preschool? Maybe the grout lines in your tile floor throughout your business are absolutely filthy. Rip out all of that old, tired flooring and replace it with Shaw Commercial Luxury Vinyl that is extremely easy to maintain. Worry no more about moisture damage to hardwood, stubborn stains on carpet, or tile grout that looks darker than the cold depths of outer space. Shaw Commercial Luxury Vinyl Uncommon Ground offers the increasingly popular plank look that reveals the authentic appearance of hardwood without the complicated installation or maintenance. Quiet Cover is available in even more hardwood style options that look remarkably precise; at first glance no one will ever know the difference. Backed by a 10-year limited commercial wear warranty, Crete offers monolithic 18" x 18" luxury vinyl tiles that strongly resemble natural stone.

Shaw Commercial Luxury Vinyl will end up costing much less than other flooring options, such as carpet, over the entire life cycle of the floor. In order to bring elegance, sophistication, durability, and style to your commercial space at a great value, choose Shaw Commercial Luxury Vinyl.

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