IndusParquet Hardwood

IndusParquet Hardwood

IndusParquet hardwood flooring brings beauty that is steeped in time with hand scraped details and engineered quality. You can choose from ten collections that mimic the authentic qualities of various species in a lovely finish. The vast selection makes it easy for designers to achieve custom design effects from a single lineup. You can mix and match collections in different rooms for a subtle to stark contrast.

For instance, IndusParquet Brazilian Cherry brings rich reddish accents that add a stately feel to living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and dens. Guests will enjoy a luxurious feel that welcomes you to sit and enjoy the sumptuous setting. White drapes and beige furniture fabrics create a pleasing contrast, while dark brown décor is a subtle complement. Our team of hardwood floor specialists is happy to suggest more design ideas for your particular project.

Similar effects can be had with IndusParquet Santos Mahogany. Since different species have distinct traits, you will see one of a kind patterns that set this choice apart. Master bedrooms and formal dining rooms are popular destinations for this collection.

IndusParquet Amendoim is a neutral hardwood color from a lesser known species. This gives you classic design with the unique grain, pattern and swirls of an exotic species. The 5" width makes it easy to match various design themes and creates spatial depth in rooms of all sizes. As your design tastes change, light brown shades will match modern or vintage design themes. Rustic furniture and nature inspired themes are also a wise choice for this lineup.

Looking for bright tones from an exotic hardwood? Turn to IndusParquet Tigerwood for light brown tones that are ideal for open concept floor plans with natural light exposure. Any room with large windows will fully accentuate the charming details seen in each plank. Cream colored drapes and wood furniture from various species create a floor to ceiling design with timeless appeal.

For those needing a more understated color, IndusParquet Brazilian Pecan adds distinction to living rooms and bedrooms without overshadowing other design elements. Those seeking a truly balanced theme may consider this model. You can see green and brown tones that reflect the effects of weather on this species.

A classic species with an exotic twist is what defines IndusParquet Brazilian Chestnut. The weather worn beauty has versatile appeal for modern or rustic themes. A living room with dark furniture and light drapes helps fully reveal this hardwood floor's color patterns.

With patches of bright and dark grain; you can remodel with confidence as design trends changes over the years. Please contact us for square footage quotes on Indusparquet hardwood flooring. We are happy to answer product questions and will arrange for fast shipping.

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