COREtec is a revolutionary patented wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring. While COREtec is closely related to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floors, it has several differences in composition and utility that make it more useful and durable than standard LVT in certain applications. The floor takes its name from the composition of each plank's high-density, extra strong composite core. A combination of polymers, recycled wood, and bamboo create a completely waterproof core that is able to withstand spills and excess moisture without weakening or buckling, making it an ideal flooring choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and areas that experience heavy foot traffic.

Think of COREtec as the engineered hardwood of luxury vinyl tile. Instead of the vinyl being "solid" completely all the way through to the subfloor, a layer of luxury vinyl sits atop a sturdier core to prevent shifting, water damage, instability, and warping. COREtec also requires no acclimation prior to installation like many other LVT products, as the inner core of these vinyl planks is not affected by variations in temperature and humidity under normal conditions. In addition to increased durability, there are COREtec Plus options available in subcategories such as HD, Design, and XL.

The only difference between the standard and Plus variation is that COREtec Plus uses a cork underlayment along with the standard composite structure, which makes the floor softer and quieter than regular vinyl. COREtec Plus is particularly good in residential applications, especially in homes with pets or children, as the surface is quite comfortable on bare feet and creates a hypoallergenic environment due to its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Equipped with a UV acrylic finish, these COREtec floors are less prone to fading over time, allowing you to get as much as possible out of US Floors' full manufacturer's warranty.

If all of these attributes still haven't convinced you to consider this versatile, durable luxury vinyl from US Floors, let's take a look at the ease at which these floors can be installed. COREtec Plus requires no additional underlayment as there is a cork backing already attached to it. As a result, COREtec Plus can be floated over existing floors, eliminating the need for costly removal of the previous floor or purchasing a separate underlayment. The planks are easily clicked together during installation, so no messy glue or adhesives are required. An entire COREtec floor can be laid down in a matter of hours rather than days, so no need to worry about waiting around to move in your furnishings before you start living.

COREtec Plus HD provides even further features to these planks from US Floors. Thanks to the advancements in high-definition printing technology, intricate detailed visuals can be applied to vinyl surfaces in order to make them more realistic, emulating natural hardwood patterns found in the finest authentic materials harvested directly from forests around the globe. The color contrast present in COREtec HD is unmatched, providing ashen greys, midtone browns, and lighter reflective color options so you'll find a design just right for your personal aesthetic preferences. Its availability in wide 7" x 72" planks further accentuates the color contrasts for a wood appearance.

One of our favorite colors in the HD collection is Vineyard Barrel Driftwood; it provides a rustic aesthetic reminiscent of reclaimed, weatherworn hardwood with its alternating light beige and dark solid brown grain patterns. Virtually no repetition is present between planks, so the design permutations found in each carton of COREtec Plus HD are pretty much endless. For a dustier color, we recommend the off-color greys of Barnwood Rustic Pine, great for kitchens and living rooms in homes with a time-tested colonial ambience. The near-white hues of Monte Blanc Driftwood pair well with modern-style black leather couches and glass tables for maximum visual contrast. The flimsy, tacky, unreliable vinyl flooring of the past is as good as dead. COREtec HD provides authentic wood looks in a plank that offers style, durability, and a more-than-satisfactory cost-benefit ratio.

These enhanced WPC products from US Floors are also GreenGuard Gold Certified, which signifies that these floors meet or exceed environmental standards. Due to this, COREtec HD can be installed in sensitive environments such as daycares, hospitals, schools, and doctors' offices without any worry of exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, and other irritants.

COREtec's Design subcategory is also extremely popular as it is available in multi-width planks ranging from 5" x 48" to 9" x 72", the design permutations are virtually endless. If you want to be truly daring, go ahead and mix color schematics as well. Whether you prefer traditional design patterns or wacky hybrid styles, Design has something for everyone. While not as popular as its wood-like counterparts but still in high demand for niche markets, the COREtec Plus Tile option replicates the beauty and robustness of natural stone and clay ceramic, available in elongated 18" x 24" or narrower 12" x 24" wood plastic composite tiles. Bring the eye-catching patterns of travertine or slate to your home or business without the extra cost and maintenance of bona fide natural stone.

In recent years, flooring trends have been moving toward wider planks, especially when it comes to hardwood, laminate, cork, bamboo, luxury vinyl tile, and WPC flooring. COREtec is no different, as its COREtec Plus XL offers a wide variety of stunning colors in extra wide 9" x 72" vinyl composite planks for a bold, robust look great for rooms with large panoramic windows, high vaulted ceilings, and expansive open floor plans to accentuate the square footage of any space.

With easy cleaning, low maintenance, and high durability, COREtec HD, along with US Floors' COREtec's other sister collections, these wood plastic composites are one of the top choices among commercial builders as well as remodel contractors who want something long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

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