Mohawk Castlebriar

Mohawk Castlebriar
The Mohawk Castlebriar collection is a Revwood laminate selection that surpasses expectations in style, antiquity, and toughness. Though it has the look of a worn, aged wood floor, it is much more durable in nature. This option comes in a handful of tones that are each special in their own way. With differing shades, this series offers customization and flexibility. Similarly, the texture is hand scraped. It comes in one standard size that is made to fit any area, and be eye-catching. This series specializes in design variation, meaning the color, texture, and sizing were crafted with style in mind. When creating these planks, durability was another factor taken into consideration. Using minerals and other materials that emphasize strength and toughness in each piece, this collection will withstand scratches, stains, and heavy blows. Its maintenance is a breeze because of this sturdiness, allowing it to shine brighter than most other floors, for years to come. With an installation process that is as simple as possible, there is no wonder why this series is a fan favorite. This collection is ideal for any home or business owner looking to provide a space with sophistication, fortitude, and timeless style.

Mohawk Castlebriar is a laminate option that is made to have the appearance of a hardwood flooring and does so brilliantly. It is tough, collected, and has an antique hue that is perfect for any room. This series comes in five distinctive colors that are made to give you free rein for designing and customizing. With these differing shades, you will have so many to choose from. Also, the size of each plank is a perfect fit for any room, home, space, or area you might want this option to occupy. The planks are 80 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 12 millimeters in thickness. (80"x 9" x 12mm). This is the standard size for each piece, giving it that one size fits all feeling. Another specialty this flooring has is its sheer toughness and durability. It is made with minerals that make it extra hard wearing, thus enabling you to move appliances and let pets in the house without worry. Each part of the floor will be scratch resistant, as well as stain resistant, giving you ultimate peace of mind. With this collection, even the installation process is convenient, as it utilizes a floating technique with Uniclic Technology. This is easier for both you and whoever might be installing the flooring in your home or business. With this simplicity, durability, protection, and style, this selection gives each owner an excellent flooring option to choose from.


The Mohawk Castlebriar collection comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a five year light to medium commercial warranty.

The Collection

Calvary Oak is the token wooden tone if you are wanting a light hardwood feeling in your home. This tone glows and has a friendly, warm demeanor that tells each guest how much they mean to you. If you want personable, hardwood style flooring, this color will reflect perfectly.

Antique Oak tells each guest that enters of your traditional views and gives a comforting atmosphere in any space it resides. It is an excellent choice for those wanting to have an old, worn appearance in their home or business. If you want a classically vibrant appearance in your home, this shade is perfect for you.

Lunar Oak has the same comfort as the other two options but gives off a mysterious aesthetic. It has a grayish, silver appearance and will create an atmosphere that is cool, and toned down. Its sleekness will tell your visitors of your style and grace.

Trinket Oak is a slightly darker brown than the first two shades, and thus creating a log cabin charm. As if being lost in the woods, this color illuminates the beauty of the forest with its intense mix of light and dark browns.

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