Wicanders Cork

Wicanders Cork

Make the move to eco-friendly home design, with Wicanders cork flooring, renowned for its high grade cork and innovative styles. For a minimal negative impact on the environment, more and more homeowners are turning to the renewable and fashionable cork flooring market, with materials made using bark from cork trees. These curious specimens can be harvested without chopping down a single tree, creating no damage to forests and no need to replant! This makes cork one of the most sustainable products on the market today. With a variety of cork styles and color choices to accentuate d�cor, Wicanders cork flawlessly meets expectations, deftly capturing each designer�s individual personality and tastes.

Choose from a wide range of collections, featuring unparalleled styles and rich coloring that look right at home in any household. The Identity collection features natural tones like deep brown, beige, and auburn to imitate the look of hardwoods, and its color variation patterns simulate wood boards. The Traces collection also presents stunning wood simulations in a durable cork, with a visual pattern popular among traditional business designers who love the warmth and invitation of natural hardwoods. In contrast, the President collection offers the illusion of fine porcelain tile, with a sleek, shining surface that looks chic and modern, perfect for the sophisticated loft apartment or avant-garde boutique. The beautiful tones from the all-new Pebbles collection are rich and vivid, a popular choice for cutting-edge designers, who love natural hues with modern design inspirations. Slate is another new collection, with a natural slate visual that feels warm underfoot and provides a stunning finish in any home.

Cork is a perfect flooring choice for high-traffic living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, retail spaces, and even offices. The material is durable, resilient, easy to clean, and looks simply gorgeous. Wicanders offers some of the finest cork flooring available today � distinctive, eco-friendly, and beautiful.

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