Mohawk Carrolton

Mohawk Carrolton
Mohawk Carrolton Laminate flooring offers verdant tones of the deep jungle that are mysterious and rich. While we don’t want jaguars, fuzzy spiders and poisonous frogs creeping about our homes, we definitely want the Carrolton Laminate flooring collection which offers these stunning greens, browns and beige shades in lovely laminate flooring. These floors mimic the rich colors and varied textures of hardwood to such a realistic degree that most people can’t tell the difference and the ScratchGuard finish keeps them fresh and boldly beautiful.

You’ll have trouble deciding among the gorgeous tones offered in this collection, like the deep brown Mohawk Carrolton Coffee Walnut Strip, which looks lovely with jungle inspired décor like large leafed wax trees and organic, carved furniture. Carrolton Natural Maple Strip is more conservative with sandy tan tones that brighten up a room and looks good with safari design, like prairie yellow painted walls and brown wicker furniture. Carrolton Cinnamon Oak Strip is an olive green tone tinged with gold, and looks beautiful in any room of the house, whether dining room, library, kitchen, or bedroom! If you like highly decorative grains there is a sumptuous yet decadent sage green called Carrolton Port Hickory Strip and Natural Red Oak with each style meant for the bold and daring design aficionado.

Backed by Mohawk's 20-year warranty, the Mohawk Carrolton laminate flooring collection is ideal for the price-conscious consumer who does not want to sacrifice appearance for affordability. Within this collection, there are 14 different colors to choose from. Whether you are on the hunt for a contemporary wood style or a weathered intricate look, there is truly a variety of options and choice within this collection. No matter what furniture or accents you add to the room, Mohawk Carrolton laminate flooring will command center stage attention for several great reasons.

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