Mohawk Fulford

Mohawk Fulford

Mohawk Fulford flooring features RevWood, a revolutionary system that is not only waterproof, but scratch-proof, kid-proof and pet-proof. What differentiates this flooring from traditional laminate is the interlocking core that repels water and other liquids.The Fulford features a seven-and-a-half-inch wide board (7.5") with planks up to 48 inches in length. Since RevWood is almost all wood, it features authentic texturing, knotting, graining and embossing that gives the visual of realistic, traditional wood flooring. Hickory is the species and the color palette has four defining colorways available, ranging from darker gray to a natural wood-look.


The darkest color available is Fumed Hickory, a deep gray with lighter, contrasting accents throughout, providing a weathered wood look. This color option is ideal for those looking to offset lighter furniture and can give either a modern or a rustic feel to a space, depending upon the decor.

Mist Hickory is another color option available that features light gray planks, ideal for highlighting the wood grain and giving a rustic feel. This cool-toned flooring can be a picture-perfect choice for homes or businesses with either dark or light accents.

Prefer the look of realistic wood coloring? The Natural Hickory colorway closely resembles the authentic light brown shades and tones found in the wood from a hickory tree. This color option allows you to get the look of natural wood without the worry of scratching or staining.

For those interested in pale colored flooring, the Bone Hickory colored planks can give your space an airy look with light tan variants throughout. Ideal for creating contrast in rooms with darker furniture, this flooring is an appropriate option for those looking for a lighter look without stain risk.

Whichever color is your preference, RevWood flooring can give your home or commercial setting a fresh appearance with realistic wood knotting and grain. The interlocking plank cores allow you to have the wood-look and color your desire without fear of damage. It is also valuable for simple installation. Tired of worrying about pet messes? The waterproof qualities of this flooring offers an ideal solution for easy cleanup. Whether you have pets or kids, the core of these planks will provide your flooring with the protection you need to keep your home looking clean and fresh. Despite any animal claws or child mischief it may encounter, this flooring will remain resilient to scratches.

The waterproof and scratch-proof features is also a benefit in a commercial setting, preventing any harmful messes from staff or customers. This flooring in a professional setting not only provides a modern look, but also ensures that your business will continue to look in top shape despite any unexpected spills or scuffs. For the businesses needing a reliable answer to mess-proof flooring, this is an impressive solution. Whether you choose a darker gray, light gray, pale tan or a more natural wood coloring, this flooring is a viable, low-maintenance option for transforming the look of your space. Get the wood look you want without worry thanks to the impressive durability of the flooring and the extensive warranty. In terms of warranty, Fulford has an impressive lifetime residential warranty and for any light to medium commercial settings (such as office, café, etc.) there is a 5-year warranty. In addition to providing that waterproof advantage in a commercial setting, the warranty will provide you with peace of mind for your investment.

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