Schluter Shower Systems

Schluter Shower Systems
Schluter Systems offers an innovative approach to shower renovation with its patented Kerdi Shower Kit design. According to Schluter, the Kerdi Shower Kit is crafted to create a fully waterproof, vapor-tight enclosure for tile showers as well as residential steam showers. This all-in-one design makes it easier for homeowners and builders to remodel their bathrooms without the common headaches associated with grouting and tiling in moisture-rich environments.

One of the most frequent problems with bathroom remodels is the tendency for moisture to find its way between the tile and the dry wall it is attached to, which has the potential to cause major issues with mold buildup, erosion, and in severe cases structural damage. Schluter's Kerdi Shower Kit eliminates all of these concerns, as it uses a waterproof membrane to stop moisture in its tracks. Any water that does inevitably seep through tile grout lines will be prevented from getting to the dry wall because of this impermeable membrane, and this also allows customers to erect showers in areas of a bathroom that normally wouldn't have been possible. Having to completely start over during the remodeling process is not an uncommon occurrence, and using a Kerdi Shower Kit for bathroom renovations will make sure that this unfortunate and costly endeavor doesn't happen to you at all.

Traditional shower installation systems generally use a water-in water-out system as opposed to Schluter's sealed system. The former, while more common, sometimes does not work as intended with regular use of the shower, as the mortar bed underneath can become perpetually saturated. Couple this with a clog in the drain weep holes and you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. The Kerdi Shower Kit's sealed system, however, prevents any moisture from trickling into the mortar bed altogether, thus allowing the shower to dry completely after every use. Another benefit to using the Kerdi waterproof membrane is that tile can be directly applied with thin-set mortar, which will inevitably save on installation time as well as preparation. Given the durability and reliability of the Kerdi waterproof membrane, it can also be installed over concrete and wood subfloors. This is ideal for remodels in older homes, as you no longer have to worry about whether or not a new shower will cause any structural problems through unnecessary seepage.

As Schluter has a reputation for immaculate attention to detail, you won't find yourself flabbergasted or perplexed when your Kerdi Shower Kit arrives; detailed instructions for both steam showers and standard showers will give you peace of mind. While the installation process is rather straightforward, it still involves quite a bit more nuance and effort than laying down new laminate flooring planks for your home office. But, customers need not worry. With the detailed instructions provided with the kit, as well as additional resources on Schluter's Web site, you will be able to use your newly installed shower in no time at all.

Not included with the Kerdi Shower Kit is the Kerdi Shower Drain, which is an additional product we recommend purchasing when using this installation package. The drain's integrated bonding flange ensures that a secure connection is made to the waterproof membrane so not even a drop of moisture sneaks through somehow.

In addition to the Kerdi Shower Kit that includes the waterproof membrane, shower tray, shower curb, and waterproofing strips, Schluter offers other adjunct products that will make your remodel project much easier from the start. Consider purchasing Kerdi Board Panels as well as setting materials under Schluter's SET brand, which is a premium unmodified thin-set mortar.

One more thing we'd like to stress is a brief note on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. While it is certainly possible to do shower remodels as a DIY, especially with Schluter shower kit products, extra caution and planning should be used when undertaking such an endeavor. Floors, wall tile, and even cabinets are generally uncomplicated for most DIY enthusiasts. With showers, however, you may need to hire a professional installer as it is a bit more complicated, considering that plumbing and vital watertight seals are involved. No matter what you decide to do for your shower remodeling project, Schluter will undoubtedly provide various options and flexibility so you can begin enjoying your new shower as soon as possible. Schluter has been providing innovative tile and stone installation systems for decades, and with a lifetime warranty available on the Kerdi Shower Kit, you'll be able to enjoy a hassle-free and maintenance-free standard or steam shower for many years.

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