American Olean

American Olean

American Olean tile flooring offers nearly every type of tile imaginable including; mosaic, glass, quarry, slate, and porcelain to name a few. With high quality products and impeccable craftsmanship, this special collection has worked diligently for years to provide the best in customer care through its exceptional customer service practices making it the nation's leading manufacturer of tile. Whether you are inspired by the ultra-urban abode or charming rural home aesthetics, American Olean tile selections will provide all designers and design enthusiasts with the right floor to match their unique design sensibilities.

For something that resembles a realistic hardwood visual, Olean Terreno, with its beveled edges, grain patterns, and plank format tiles delivers the perfect blend and genuine hardwood appearance with a regal tile charm. Olean tile floor Kendal Slate is a stunning rendition of natural slate replete with rich tones such as rust red, steel grey, and bright beige. One of the bestselling collections is American Olean Antissa, with its effortlessly elegant neutral tones that provide a fashionable foundation on which to build creative, expressive décor. For color aficionadas, the palette with the Olean collection truly extends to every mixture, swirl, or natural color imaginable.

With deep swirls of different browns, grays, and whites, this collection aims to entice and inspire people to think outside the "normal" box Asides from a fabulous color wheel worth of options, this assortment also offers a plethora of sizes that further allows for ease of installation and creativity for potential buyers. This collection shares the name American for a reason; just like America, it offers the old, the new, and the unconventional. So if you are in search of that certain special something, look no further. After all, they say, "Variety is the spice of life" well, American Olean tile flooring is the variety jackpot!

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