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LM  Flooring

LM Flooring engineered hardwood floors boast authentic details and rugged durability that enhances all decor schemes. This stunning lineup of hardwood flooring gives designers endless choices in terms of species, colors, patterns and plank sizes.

As a result, you can create custom design effects in rooms of all sizes and layouts. Our hardwood floor experts are happy to suggest what models best match your project needs. The plank width, color and design goals are all factors to consider when buying engineered hardwood. We take pride in helping you make informed choices.

Despite the many choices, each designer hardwood floor in this series delivers common benefits to different settings. The many color option allow you to set the ambience in various rooms with stunning effects. An engineered hardwood floor's surface is also easy to clean and less prone to moisture damage, which plagues other surfaces. Separate residential and commercial warranties add peace of mind that your investment will be underfoot for many years to come. Contractors can install this hardwood flooring with float, glue, nail or staple options based on the situation. You will enjoy this collection for years to come with minimal fuss.

So, which of these hardwood floor collections is best for you? LM Flooring Gevaldo features an open grain design with micro beveled edges that replicate what nature takes decades to create. 5 colors in 3" and 5" widths runs the gamut of colors and accents with intricate details among the charming patterns.

Looking for weather worn hardwood with rugged charm? Turn to LM Flooring River Ranch for an aluminum oxide finish that is hand scraped to perfection. The standard 5" width is available in 13 colors with grain and accents that seem steeped in time, yet are created by modern technology. You will enjoy a solid hardwood floor's aesthetics with fewer of the pitfalls, including more affordable prices and longer lasting beauty.

To learn more or buy LM Flooring engineered hardwood floors , please call us for square footage quotes.

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