Republic Floor Vinyl

Republic Floor Vinyl
The Republic Floors Pure SPC collection is the perfect flooring addition to any residential or commercial space. With a range of different colors and floor sizes to choose from, there truly is something for everyone. SPC flooring gives spaces the same look and feel as real wood while offering a range of benefits that can't be found when using real wood for flooring.

Installation Made Easy

This is a product that is better for the planet and better for your home or residential space in the long-run. One of the main benefits of this type of flooring is that SPC flooring is easy to install. No glue is necessary and those who suffer from allergies or other sensitivities will not be bothered by the installation process.

With SPC flooring, planks are made to snap into place. The installation process, therefore, is a breeze making this perfect for the DIY person to tackle this on their own.

One of the main downsides of getting real wood flooring is that wood is prone to water damage and other wear and tear issues. With SPC flooring, however, there is no need to worry about any if these issues. SPC flooring is water resistant and isn't prone to issues such as cracks or splinters.

Another benefit of this type of flooring is less noise. While wood floors may creak and noise may travel throughout the space, SPC flooring gives spaces noise insulation. This is due to the anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding that comes attached to each floor plank.

If you're worried that SPC flooring won't give your space the same look and feel as real wood, think again. This collection of flooring offers a range of different colors and plank sizes. From realistic graining on select flooring to wider and longer plank options, you won't have to compromise when it comes to wanting your floors to look like real wood.


SPC flooring is a great option for commercial or residential flooring needs and offers a range of different collections to choose from. There are ten collections to choose from. These collections range in flooring color and size options. Whether you are looking for lighter flooring options or prefer a dark grey flooring look, there is something for you.

The Great California Oak Collection is a great option for those who are looking from extra wide and long planks measuring 9" by 60". When it comes colors, the natural brown oak tones are evident, the Black Oak combines several dark and light browns while the Willow Oak takes on a more weathered brown. For a lighter variety the Laurel Oak brings the lighter taupe. If you are looking for a brown with red undertones then the Bluff Oak is the perfect option.

The Mountain Oak Collection includes color options that range from black flooring with the Black Mountain option to the light, warm, woodsy feel of Mont Blanc. For a more muted grey and dark brown tone, look into the Carmel color option.

Those looking for lighter flooring options may want to consider the Great Oregon Oak Collection. This collection also offers planks that are extra wide and long for a more realistic wood look and feel. This collection is inspired by the natural beauty and durability of the mighty, native oaks of the Pacific Northwest. The collection ranges from the bright grey look of the Gray Oak color to the light brown color that is the Water Oak option.

For a modern, calming feel to your space, consider the Coastal Oak Collection. With light grey flooring options such as the Coastal Live Oak, this collection turns any space into a relaxing environment.

The French Island Collection offers extra long planks and a range of soothing color options to choose from. Corsica is a light and soothing grey color while Martinique is a warm, light brown option.

If you are looking for darker grey options then you may want to consider the Lake Collection. Inspired by childhood and camping in the woods, this collection gives any space that cabin feel. The Victoria offers a light brown and grey flooring option while the Como is a darker, richer brown with hints of grey.

For warmer brown and grey options consider the Beach Collection, which was inspired by the warm and comforting feeling of a day at the beach. The East Hampton Beach color option includes a range of brown colors from light brown to specs of dark browns sprinkled into the flooring. This gives off an overall rich and woodsy look while still keeping the flooring option warm and bright.

The Countryside Collection offers a range of soft, neutral colors that range from light greys to browns. The Hawthorn color offers a darker grey look while the American Hornbeam is a light, cool grey. Aspen, on the other hand, is a warm light brown color.

For a more modern and regal look and feel consider the Crown Colony Collection. The Tasmania color option is a great choice for individuals who want a grey color with the look and feel of real, rustic wood. If you want a brown color option with the same real, rustic wood look, the Virginia color is a great option. Do you like the idea of a combination of both color options? Consider the New South Wales color. This gives you the combined look of brown and grey colors with a rustic, woodsy look.

Collection colors range across the board. From light, bright greys to options with multiple hues of brown. With so many flooring options to choose from there is certainly an option that will fit with the design goals you have for your space.

If you want to explore additional options there is the Puremax SPC collections offering the same great features and benefits And since were speaking of options, Republic even has a waterproof laminate option available if you just don't like the idea of vinyl but still would like a more durable option than traditional hardwood.

The Pure SPC Max Collection

When it comes to the Pure SPC Max flooring collection you don't have to compromise on style or getting the highest quality flooring available. This collection is called SPC Max for a reason. The flooring is manufactured with maximum strength, durability, stability, and style.

If you are looking for flooring that is thicker and denser, then this is the perfect option for you. SPC Max flooring has the thickest core available on the market. The flooring is also 40% denser than other SPC flooring. This combination makes for flooring that is durable and long-lasting. They won't shrink or expand overtime. You want have to worry about these floors being able to withstand heavy usage or day to day wear and tear.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing this type of flooring when it comes to durability. Firstly, this type of flooring is 100% waterproof. You'll never have to deal with the damages that water can have on flooring when you choose Pure SPC Max flooring. Secondly, this type of flooring is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. That means over a long period of time your floors will still be looking brand new.

The installation process is quick and easy with this type of flooring. If you have an uneven subfloor, Pure SPC Max flooring can save you time when it comes to the installation process due to the rigid core of the flooring. The Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial acoustic EVA underlayment helps to ensure that no mold or mildew growth occurs. It also keeps sounds from travelling far and leads to quieter floors overall.

If you think you may have to compromise when it comes to the flooring style, think again. This collection offers a range of flooring options for spaces ranging from commercial spaces to homes. Flooring options range in color, style, texture, and depth. No matter what type of design style you have in mind you are sure to find a Pure SPC Max flooring option that works for you.

The Collection

The Collection Pure SPC Max has ten different collections to choose from that offer a range of styles. The Silver Lake collection is full of quiet and classic looking wood floors. The colors in this collection offer a very neutral background for any space. Antique Ice offers a light and bright grey option while Dynamic Beige gives off a warm tone with both light and darker shades of brown throughout the flooring.

The Glacier Point collection gives off an air of a quiet, yet luxurious space. The planks in this collection are broad, which gives off an overall more real wood flooring look to any space. This collection is full of a variety of eye-catching flooring options. From the light brown and dark grey color of Virginia Mist to the variety of dark grey tones in Sydney Cedar. If you're looking for a light grey flooring option with hints of grey, Sahara Beige is a beautiful option.

For those looking for flooring that gives off the look of worn, lived-on wood, the Clover Creek collection is for you. This is a collection full of flooring options that give off the effect of floors that have already been stressed and worn from day to day use. The Tiger Beige option is a stunning combination of brown and grey tones blended together to give off a worn look. The Toros Grey options is full of a range of grey tones that give the flooring an older feel to it.

The Pacific Oak collection has options designed to give your space that free-spirited ease that is associated with California. The Coffee Berry flooring option is a unique color. With tones of red, brown, and grey, it makes for a unique flooring option that is a statement all on its own. The Coyote Brush is also a unique option in this collection. This option is a eye-catching blend of a darker grey with hints of a lighter red tone throughout. Check out more options from this collection if you are looking for a variety of blended color flooring options to choose from.

The Walnut Hills collection consists of the Mountain Tan option. This is a woodsy, rich, brown and red flooring option. For a warmer space that needs a hint of that rustic, homey feel to it, you may want to consider the Woodland Oak collection. The flooring options in this collection will give any space a warmer feel to it. The Arizona White Oak option is a light and bright grey option with hints of black throughout. For a warm, woodsy feel to your space you may want to consider the Bear Oak option. This option has a range of dark brown colors throughout it, causing it to give a warm feel to any space.

The Big Cypress collection offers a range of more woodsy options. These flooring options give off the traditional wood look while adding a spin on the classic look. Jay Beige offers a flooring option with a range of tones from light yellow to grey and a darker brown. The blend of these different colors leads to a unique flooring option that makes a statement. Imperial Golden includes a range of colors as well. This time dark brown tones blended with dark grey and pops of light brown give an overall serious look and feel to this flooring option.

If you're looking for a more classic wood floor look then the Clare Valley collection is what you want to focus on. This collection is full of options that are neutral and simplistic. It gives any space a modern and clean feel. The Sunset Light option is a beautiful, classic wood option. Perfect for elevating any space. For a more unique option you may want to consider the Safari Sunset option. With a range of dark and light grey colors mixed with light browns, this option offers any space a whole new look.

The Blackwater Canyon collection offer a neutral background for any space. With a range of color options to choose from there is sure to be an option that works for your space. The Texas Brown option offers a range of light grey colors for a flooring option that will brighten up any space. The Zurich Tan flooring option offers a warmer feel with its variety of lighter and darker browns blended together.

If you are looking for stone flooring options, then the Nature Stone collection is perfect for you. This collection looks and feels like real porcelain tiles. It is still 100% waterproof so it is perfect for bathrooms and restrooms. The collection consists of the light grey option that is Coastal Dakota and the darker grey stone that is Cloud Gray. The perfect stone flooring options to elevate any bathroom or restroom space.

The Pure SPC Max offers a collection that has style while also having durability. With a range of options to choose from there is something for everyone.

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