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Landmark Interiors
Landmark Interiors has put together two amazing sets of laminate flooring collections with Sawgrass and Tidewater. The two collections each bring something different to the table with the end result being a stunning product in your home. Landmark Interiors is looking to revolutionize laminate with its water-resistant and eco-friendly flooring. Environmentally friendly and built to outlast all challenges, this laminate flooring collection was engineered through state-of-the-art technology to give you a natural hardwood aesthetic at a reduced cost plus all the benefits.

The looks in this collection are contemporary, high variance wood, and traditional wood. The painted beveled edges and hydrophobic coated finish provide a high-quality laminate designed to be scratch resistant and handle all high-traffic areas and obstacles. Both Sawgrass and Tidewater feature matching trims and their own unique collections of colors.

Planks come in dimensions of 8 x 48 and feature an easy installation process with angle-tap lock and floating method. This eliminates any struggles or concerns and creates an effortless process for installing the laminate flooring.

Sawgrass and Tidewater each offer six laminates in their collection named after cities and landmarks across the country. The Sawgrass collection is based around warmer colors while Tidewater is all about a colder, neutral look.

Sawgrass Akron is a lighter brown with a consistent pattern. It doesnt have an aged or weathered look and is perfect for a contemporary home.

Sawgrass Beltsville offers some light gray and light brown to the mix. Its a warm color that will really accentuate the home under natural lighting.

Sawgrass Dayton is a warm rich Brown that will offer an embrace as soon as you walk through the door. This stunning laminate meets at the crossroads of traditional and contemporary to give you a satisfying appeal to your home.

Sawgrass Greensboro brings a variance to its look with several grains and a naturally aged look to it. Some light browns and blonde highlights create a beautiful hardwood look.

Sawgrass Savannah provides a golden blonde glow to the collection. This warm laminate offers an elegant touch to your home and will create a beautiful accent to many colors.

For an eye-catching lighter brown, Sawgrass Verone provides a natural grain a standout look to your home. The laminate flooring embraces a timeless and classic look.

Tidewater Cape May provides a soft, cool coastal feel to laminate. The lighter blonde flooring takes you to a feeling of serenity.

Eastern Shore is the richest brown in the Tidewater collection by Landmark Interiors. This wood looks perfect for a coastal home reminiscent of the upper northeast.

Hampton Roads is a darker gray that offers cool tones and a classic look. These floors are appropriate for any coastal theme.

Outer Banks is a soft brown engineered to give off a tonal look built around a contemporary look. This laminate doesnt try to do too much and is perfect for a neutral touch.

Put-in-Bay is a beautiful gray that gives off vibes of blue and water with its tremendous patterns. This floor stands out with its ability to offer something new with each glance.

Smith Island offers the most unique patterns with portions of the plank darker in gray than the rest. With some planks alternating between light and dark, Smith Island is a pattern based laminate that will be a fun accent in your home.

Landmark Interiors offers a lifetime residential warranty for the Sawgrass and Tidewater collections. You can have peace of mind knowing these floors are built to last thanks to the wide planks and thick underlayer that is water resistant and designed to take on challenges.
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