Floorte Hardwood

Floorte Hardwood
There are many pros and cons when it comes to having hardwood flooring. While the wood itself is beautiful, it is susceptible to a range of issues. Water and moisture in general can be particularly damaging to wood. Moisture can cause wood to expand during the summer and contract in the winter. Wood can also expand from being exposed to water from spills or leaks in plumbing. Noises from hardwood flooring is another common issue. Squeaky floors can be a result of the constant expanding and contracting of the wood, which may cause the nails in the floors to loosen. When someone walks across wood flooring that is loose, it cause the floor to move down and rub against other pieces of wood. This is what leads to squeaky wood floors.

While it may seem as though there is no way to get hardwood floors without these issues, Floorte hardwood flooring has a solution for you. Finally you can enjoy all natural beauty of Floorte hardwood flooring with the worry that usually comes along with having hardwood floors.

The Benefits

Floorte hardwood flooring is designed to withstand the day to day life of a modern family. From pets to kids, these floors will absorb the wear and tears of daily life while still remaining as stunning as the day they were installed.

These floors are completely water resistant. With Hydrophobic Sealant that stops water at the surface you never have to worry about water damaging these floors.

Floorte hardwood flooring is designed with Scufresist Platinum Technology that offers floors six times the protection from daily foot traffic and is scuff resistant.

Another benefit of Floorte flooring is that the installation process is fast and easy. Installation is done through an easy click in process. This type of installation can also go over existing hard surfaces and reduces the cost of installation.

Don't want to listen to the squeaks and creaks of normal hardwood flooring? With Floorte hardwood flooring you don't have to. Every hardwood plank is attached to Soft Silence acoustical pads that provide noise reduction and added comfort for your feet.

The Collections

Floorte hardwood flooring offers two different collections. The Exquisite Collection and the Magnificent Collection.

The Exquisite Collection

This collection comes in a range of colors. Each plank of wood is unique on its own and serves a purpose to the overall look and feel of a space.

Arcadia is a warm brown tone that is blended with hints of grey throughout. This adds for a nice warm feel to a room while not making it too bright.

Alabaster Walnut is a unique color combination that really stands out in this collection. With blends of light tan and hints of a grey-brown throughout, this is a color that will stand out in a space. Alabaster Walnut adds warmth and a rustic feel to a space. Beiged Hickory is another color that is similar to Alabaster Walnut. With similar tones to it but with a more faded overall look to the wood, this flooring adds a more rustic look to any space.

The Ashton Oak option is a stunning grey hardwood flooring choice. These floors are a bold and dark grey color. The color has a modern and clean feel about it and can elevate any space.

Brightened Oak is a light grey wood color that has hints of brown throughout it. The Brightened Oak flooring option adds a vintage look and feel to any space.

Cascade is one of the darker hardwood flooring options in this collection. With a range of dark browns blended together this is a bold hardwood flooring style. The dark colors make the floor come across as bold. With these rich, dark colors the Cascade demands your attention when it is the flooring in any space.

Champagne Oak is a color that is on the lighter side. A beautiful mix of light shades of a grey- brown this is a color that warms up a space. It adds a modern, clean touch to a room.

Flaxen Oak is medium brown subdued color in this collection. Not as bright as other color options but it still gives off a clean and modern feel to any space. Harvest Oak is a brighter version of this color option for those looking for a warmer tone.

Liberty Pine is a darker wood option with a bold blend of lighter brown throughout the wood. This adds a cabin feel to the flooring.

Natural Hickory is a beautiful, bright blend of dark and light browns. With cracks and knots throughout this bright wood has an almost cabin-like feel to it. If you're looking for a brighter version of this type of style, check out Natural Pine. It has a lighter, brighter, and more modern feel to it.

Pewter Oak is a unique color option in this collection. A dark, chocolatey brown blends together with contrasting light tones of light brown. This creates a hardwood flooring option that is bold yet inviting. Looking for a more bold dark hardwood floor? Check out Rushmore, a stunning fully dark and bold color.

Regency Walnut, Safari Oak, and Warmed Oak are all beautiful medium-toned brown hardwood floors. They all add warmth to a space and compliment well with neutral furniture.For more unique color options in the collection check out Rich Walnut, Riverbed, and Spiced Pine.

Siverado Oak and Twilight Pine are both perfect for those looking for grey hardwood flooring options. Twilight Pine is an overall darker grey option while Siverado Oak is a lighter grey with hints of dark grey throughout.

The Magnificent Collection

For those looking for grey hardwood flooring options in the Magnificent Collection be sure to check out Arctic Maple and Granite Oak. Arctic Maple is a unique grey flooring option. The Arctic Maple floor doesn't have very defined wood grain throughout. This gives the floors a very clean and modern look.

For some options when it comes to chocolatey wood that has hints of cherry-brown throughout, consider the Trail Oak and Western Walnut flooring options.

Looking for a more subdued brown option? The Toasted Maple is the perfect choice. For a more contrasting brown flooring option with light brown throughout in the graining, consider the Dakota Hickory.

With a wide range of style to choose from and a design that is superior in quality, Floorte hardwood may be the perfect option for you.

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