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Mohawk Briarfield

Mohawk Briarfield
The Mohawk Briarfield collection is a stunning variety of laminate flooring that blends the rustic appeal of hardwood flooring with all the benefits of laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is made from pressed wood. There are many benefits to having a laminate floor. Laminate is extremely durable and is resistant to scratches, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. It is also easy to clean, so maintenance is never an issue with these floors.

The planks can be installed using the floating method. So there is no need to nail or glue down the floor to the subfloor. Floating floors tend to be less expensive and easier to install as compared to a glue-down or nail-down floor.

The Mohawk Briarfield collection comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a five year light to medium commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Mohawk Briarfield collection is full of rustic yet rich and sophisticated flooring options. From light flooring to bold and rich colors, this five color collection offers something for everyone. Briarfield Sunbleached Oak is a mix of light blonde hues and mid-tone browns with knots throughout the planks. This flooring option is perfect for a living room, dinning room, or kitchen area.

Briarfield Scorched Oak is a blend of a variety of dusty, light brown tones. This floor has a dusty, rustic, antique feel. Briarfield Tanned Oak is a mid-tone, subdued brown flooring option. It is a blend of dark browns, mid-tone browns, and hints of light blonde. The knots throughout add to the aged appeal of this flooring option.

Briarfield Artifect Oak is a light grey flooring option. This smooth, contemporary floor is a blend of light greys and warm, mid-tone greys. The grey floor is slightly weathered and worn, allowing these floors to add character to a space. Briarfield Hazelwood Oak is a mid-tone grey that is a blend of light grey and mid-tone greys. The floors color is a soothing, contemporary grey.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Mohawk laminate, click here.

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