Mohawk Boardwalk Collective

Mohawk Boardwalk Collective

Mohawk Boardwalk Collective Flooring

Mohawk Boardwalk Collective is an excellent selection for a space needing both beauty and durability. It is known for being stylish, sophisticated, tough, and reliable when placed anywhere. The real wood appearance gives each room the elegance of a hardwood floor but the strength of a much more formidable material. Coming in a handful of distinctive colors, this series is made for making those high foot traffic areas look stunning.


It has a texture that is uniquely alluring and hand scraping that radiates craftsmanship. The design versatility of this collection gives you, as the creator of the environment, the ultimate choice when deciding how you want your room to appear. The sizing of each plank adds to this flexibility, as it is a standard, one-size-fits-all model. Each piece is crafted specifically for visual appeal and increased toughness. Density and durability were high considered when creating this series. Its enhanced by the minerals it is made with to give the home or business owner peace of mind regarding scratch and stain resistance. With maintenance that is easy to perform, this flooring will always appear bright and vibrant. This series specializes in giving each room a naturally strong, stoic, and rustic beauty that comes with having a wooden floor.

Specs Mohawk Boardwalk Collective is much more than a laminate Revwood flooring that is the best in its class and one of the best-selling options on the market today. It comes in six different shades and colors, each one demonstrating an interesting, individualized demeanor. This means you will have a wide selection of tones to choose from when decorating your room or home. Also, the surface of this series is considered grainy, giving a deeper textured vibe. It has been made using a hand scrapping technique, thus emphasizing the need for superior craftsmanship. The sizing of the planks is ideal for any design, with each being 44.25 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width with a thickness of 12 millimeters. (44.25 in x 7.5 in x 12mm). This size is considered the standard size for any flooring option in terms of styling and decoration. The durability of each plank is much higher than normal hardwood. This means you can move heavy appliances and have a pet without worrying about scuffs or scratches. The high-quality material of which this series is made makes this flooring damage resistant as well as stain resistant. This is for the benefit of the homeowner as they need not worry about their flooring being permanently damaged. This selection uses Uniclic Technology for its installation technique. In other words, it is a floating installation process. The benefit of the floating installation process is the speed at which it can be done and the ease of the entire process.

Boardwalk Collective Colors

Mohawk Boardwalk Collective comes in six specific tones and colors. Each one saying something different about the room it is in. Beachwood is the ideal color for anyone looking to give their space a sleek, mature, sophisticated appearance. With its light and dark grays mixing, it radiates confidence and determination. Its little dose of brown gives enough of a friendly presence to everyone who may enter. With this color, you will enjoy a color that says much about your hardwood and dedication. Silver Shadow is the tone that gives a more lighthearted approach to designing your area. Its light silver gives a clean, almost pure appeal. It retains a quiet, yet powerful appearance, giving any room a visually striking feel. Gulf Sand is the lightest of this collection, with its light-yellow brown, sandy appearance. This color is ideal for a family wanting a day at the beach. It radiates warmly and gives a friendly, fun in the sun vibe. For a color that gives joy, look at this one.


This series comes with the full lifetime Mohawk Residential warranty featuring Revwoods pet proof, waterproof and scratch proof warranty as well.

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