Raintree Hardwood Flooring will revolutionize your life. It is a fusion of a waterproof core that is built for strength to withstand your busy everyday life, with a luscious sliced hardwood lamella that will make you feel like you're living in luxury with every step you take. Raintree is a hardwood created for REAL life. The construction is one of a kind that won't require you to substitute reliable flooring for beauty, because with raintree you can have both! This series is constructed with Ninja Guard PET Waterproof Finish protects wood wear layer from spills, wet maintenance, wear and scratches. It is the perfect flooring to prevent any messes from your furry friends. Its Ninja Core composition is 100% waterproof and is denser and heat resistant than WPC. It can withstand the everyday functions of an active household.

It also includes a 1.2mm Hardwood Wear Layer that is a Real Wood Veneer that lets the true beauty of your hardwood shine and it's Lacey Act Compliant. You get the gorgeous aesthetic of real hardwood floors without compromising performance.


When it comes to installation Raintree is easy to install! It has UNICLIC Precision Milled Tongue and Groove for glue less installation that is fast and simple! It is a collection that you can install on your own effortlessly! Raintree also includes acoustical foam backing layers that minimize sound transmission and improves insulation and resiliency underfoot.

Colors and Styles

Raintree Hardwood is available in three different styles, Aspen Estate, Laguna Vibes and Nashville Scene; with each of those having a vast variety of colors that you can choose from. All three styles are lightly brushed and come with a matte sheen finish. Aspen Estate is a European White Oak that has a rustic refined style that comes in five colors going from dark to light. The Laguna Vibes series is a European White Oak that contains a grainy more neutral palette. Nashville Scene provides the traditional and true American hickory look, that displays a glimpse of timeless hardwood flooring.

Looking for something to hold up to what life throws at you? This collection is unmatched when it comes to durability, resilience, beauty and style. When you are searching for flooring that can stand up to your active family while also providing the stunning elements of hardwood Raintree is the only answer!

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