Provenza Hardwood floors offers nine amazing collections: Provenza African Plains, Antico, Heirloom, New York Loft, Modern Rustic, Old World, Palazzo, Pompeii, and Studio Moderno. Each provides an escape to times in history and locations from which you may never wish to return. The exquisite beauty and superlative performance of the flooring offered are backed by more than three decades of experience providing the best in custom flooring. These collections contain custom details worked into the details by hand through the skilled hands of artisans.

Whether you are looking for chic classical style, the perfect wood floor for your modern castle, or the perfect grounding for your posh log cabin, Provenza Hardwood provides. These eco-friendly wood floorings are sourced from sustainable sources. The majesty of the forest is at your decorating fingertips, but without harming any actually forests in the process. Each collection is Forest Stewardship Council Certified and complaint with laws protecting the environment for generations to come.
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