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Wicanders Corkcomfort Linn Blush

Wicanders Corkcomft collection of cork floors are designed to offer a completely new style of charm and sophistication from the incorporation of natural cork designs. This collection brings an appealing atmosphere with intense character that is immediately added to any space it lays in.

Cork flooring is one of the Greenest natural wood products available in the industry, created using a completely sustainable resource. These floors were designed using the bark of trees grown in Mediterranean forests, harvested without ever cutting down a single tree, meaning that the creation of these floors has little to no negative impact on the environment.

Ideal for creating a sense of natural elegance and warmth in any home, the Wicanders Corkcomfort Original Cork series offers a touch of wild beauty wherever it is applied. These floors offer stunning designs that create a unique, eye-catching look in any room where they are installed, and are available in both floating and glued down cork tile options. There are different styles of cork available in the Wicanders Originals cork series, with varying and original designs including Accent, a naturally designed cork; Dawn, cork with a slight marbled look to it; Harmony, cork flooring with a smooth appearance; Natural, cork with a speckled design; and Symphony, cork with a naturally smooth look that features slight grain. These styles all come in the color of natural cork, creating naturally gorgeous spaces wherever you decide to use them. Wicanders Originals provides an amazingly gorgeous flooring solution perfect for anyone who will upgrade the aesthetic qualities of any home.

Wicanders Personality Cork flooring offers versatile, enduring floors that are useful in any area of a home. These cork floors offer a look of fashionable beauty that is perfect for bringing out the naturally gorgeous qualities of a home, and are the perfect way to upgrade the appearance of any space. Personality Chestnut and Tea are the two styles of cork that make up the Personality collection; with Chestnut bringing a reddish, brown flair to your home and Tea bringing a very subtle look that has an immense amount of character that is shown completely through its visual.

Other distinct colors in the Wicanders Corkcomfort series are Flock Chesnut and Flock Moonlight. Chestnut is one that brings an authentic brown with incorporated hues of red to really bring out its true personality. Moonlight, on the other end, is completely different in color and style being it is a lot lighter. Moonlight presents a white visual with an icy look that brings a bright and sophisticated look, into any area of a home. If you’re someone who loves the darker furniture and décor styles, this is the perfect floor for you, since it will put all your dark features in a spotlight that really enhances its presence. Both these floor colors feature a look that is both natural and contemporary, with an impressive range of elegances.

A popular color in the collection all together is Linn Brush. This color combines a natural color of cork with darker brown features to produce a creative look that really sticks out with white décor and furniture. The subtle colors and the calmness this design brings is purely stunning and will not disappoint when it comes to meeting your specific standards.

However, these floors are not only beautiful; they are also extremely environmentally friendly. Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable naturally created flooring products in the industry, offering environmentally conscious homeowners a perfect option for upgrading the appearance of their home, while at the same time helping to conserve limited natural resources. In addition, these floors offer impressive durability and resilience, ensuring that they will stand up to years of use, providing a naturally gorgeous look the entire time. Furthermore, cork flooring is an extremely excellent choice for the eco-conscious customer as cork is created using some of the most sustainable resources available, ensuring that it is a truly Green option. Cork is manufactured using the bark of Mediterranean cork trees, harvested without ever having to harm the tree itself, meaning that these attractive floors also help to preserve the world’s natural resources and environment.

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