Quick Step Vinyl

Quick Step Vinyl

Quick Step, known for its laminate flooring products, has entered the WPC vinyl market with its luxury vinyl flooring. Waterproof, resistant to heat, and virtually immune to wear, Quick Step is an excellent choice in flooring where hardwood looks are desired but can't be installed due to constraints such as moisture content, extreme temperature fluctuations, or budget. Emulating styles of oak, hickory, elm, pine, and applewood, these HD-printed WPC vinyl floors are hard to differentiate from real wood at first glance; you can be assured that Quick Step is a far cry from your run-of-the-mill sheet vinyl used in 1950s insane asylums. Another benefit is that Quick Step offers pinewood and applewood design replication; as real pine is not the best flooring material due to its porous nature and applewood is hard to come by for floor coverings, you can enjoy the beauty of these species without the maintenance hassles associated with them. The 22 mil wear layer available on these products enables these WPC planks to be used in some commercial applications as well, and their WPC core makes Quick Step vinyl extremely immune to curling and uneven surface textures.

Quick Step WPC vinyl planks come in 16 styles, each of which represents the visual attributes of real authentic hardwood. One of our favorites is Calisto Pine a soft off-white that pairs well with colonial-style décor as well as modern design, creating visually striking accents against black leather furniture and glass tables. In contrast, the classic graining patterns and deep reddish browns of Hot Chocolate Oak go nicely in areas where seclusion is desired, such as bedrooms, home offices, and hallways. The wavy dark patterns of Midnight Apple work nicely in rooms with open floor plans, as the waves create a flowing, almost moving visual uncommon in your more traditional species such as oak, maple, and hickory. If you're somewhat indecisive about what type of motif you want for your home, Graham Cracker Oak is a safe choice, as its midtone browns are great at complementing nearly any type of interior décor.

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