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Mohawk Antique Craft

Mohawk Antique Craft

If you’re looking for warmth and style in your hardwood flooring, look no further than Mohawks Revwood Antique Craft Flooring. Coming in a handful of differing colors, Antique Craft is made to fit your unique, personal taste. Mohawk produces these planks to be sleek, yet durable and specific. Created with the homeowner in mind, these planks will resist striking damage from pesky scratches, allowing your floor to maintain a clean, nurturing glow. Made of hardy oak, this selection will reflect a home of strength, fortification, and protection.

Crafted with precision, Mohawks Antique Craft is one of the top selling selections they manufacture. These planks are 80.5 inches in length and 9.44 inches in width, with a thickness of about 10 mm, made specifically for painless installation. With deep ingraining and hand scraping, these textured planks appear dignified by nature. They are covered by a tough wear layer that resists scuffs and scratches. Thanks to an effective Hydroseal coating, this selection is waterproof after a proper, professional installation. This installation comes with other water-resistant technologies as well, namely a Uniclic joint system and a GenuEdge bevel edge. Thus, creating a floor completely protected from the damage of any spills or drips.

Antique Craft comes in five various, characterized colors that incorporate the visual which reflect the name:

Stone Hearth

For a fashionable and silky appearance, go with Stone Hearth. This kingly, yet endearing color will speak to your elegance and pragmatism. If you’re wanting a down to earth appearance, Stone Hearth is what you need.

Soft Chamois

You might be looking for something a little more friendly than the Stone Hearth color. If so, the Soft Chamois will be right up your alley. This cheerful texture has a bright smile and will welcome your guests with its warm embrace. For a personable, family-oriented home, Soft Chamois is as good as it gets.

Espresso Bark

Everyone loves the stoic look of a log cabin hidden within the thick forest greens. The Espresso Bark combines this rustic appeal with a trendy twist. Darker in contrast to the other colors, this quiet, yet comfortable shade will echo a desire to wander in the woods.

Cotton Knit

If you’re looking for a clean, professional appearance, take Cotton Knit into consideration. This lighter shade of floor will speak volumes to your thoroughness and taste. Spruce up your home office with a floor that reflects your polished demeanor.

Kindling Oak

Kindling Oak gives off that “Home Sweet Home” vibe that every home deserves. With a brownish chocolate appearance, this color will reflect a feeling of safety and peace. Nothing brings a home together quite like a Kindling Oak color floor. Home may be where the heart is, but it doesn’t hurt to install this flooring for good measure.


Mohawk, being extremely confident in the durability and quality of their product, offers a 20-year limited lifetime warranty for their Antique Craft flooring. This warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship which relate to joint integrity, staining, fading and wear resistance during normal residential use. The details of which can be found below:

Joint Integrity: The Uniclic® system will not fail on RevWood Plus flooring. Stain Resistance: RevWood Plus flooring will resist staining. Fade Resistance: RevWood Plus flooring will resist fading from exposure to sunlight or artificial light. Wear Resistance: The RevWood Plus flooring wear layer will not wear through the design layer. Waterproof Flooring System: The RevWood Plus flooring system will resist moisture damage under normal use and may be maintained or sanitized with residential steam mops for the life of the product. All Pet Plus: The RevWood Plus Flooring system will resist any effects from domestic pets.

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