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About Lauzon

Lauzon Flooring is renowned for being a manufacturer of some of the finest quality hardwood floors available in North America. Featuring innovative products and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, they are truly a leader in the field of high grade hardwood. Lauzon flooring is an excellent way to enhance any space with the sophistication and elegance that a true wooden floor can provide, with innovative finishes and stunning contemporary designs that are a beautiful asset to any home.

Popular Collections By Category

Contemporary Flooring


This category holds four stunning lines that are perfect for individuals who absolutely love the contemporary style and look. Lauzon Line Art, an artistic series of contemporary wooden flooring that is perfect for urban applications. Authentik, an elegant collection with timeless features which uses soft brushed affects to bring out its true natural beauty. Urban Loft, a sophisticated line introducing smoky colors within its palette ‒ providing a soft and subtle visual. Lastly, Hamptons, a gracious and relaxing floor that has a range of light hues to put you in a setting that mirrors the natural beauty of a beach, where the sand and sea begin to merge. Each one of these series holds a high sense of elegancy, leaving an impression on your home that will last a life time.

Exotic Flooring


This flooring category holds Lauzon International Next Step collection – a line featuring foreign wood species that illustrates an exotic feel wherever applied. There is nothing rustic about these hardwood floors; featuring sleek modern finishes, they are perfect for contemporary and urban spaces, creating an inviting, warm atmosphere suitable for a multitude of styles. If you like to be different while displaying a bold and alluring statement, this collection is perfect for just that.

Traditional Flooring


For individuals who crave a more traditional style - Lauzon Antique hardwood flooring collection is the perfect choice. Antique wooden floors are designed with worn features; easily creating this plank to contrasts with modern, artistic spaces. If you prefer more of a hand-scraped floor that still emphasizes on traditional wooden appearances, look to Homestead, a warm and appealing plank with stunning grain and brush features to really show its unique personality - perfectly complements country side interior.

Natural Flooring


Lauzon Organik is a unique, maple hardwood line that combines rich, neutral accents to display a natural look that's nothing less than beautiful. Offering a color palette ranging from light to dark brown hues ‒ this series provides you with a classy, chic floor to give you the elegant style you crave. Once these floors are installed in your living space, you will feel as if the entire outdoors was placed within your home. Giving you a free and invisible feeling you can't find in any other hardwood floor by Lauzon.

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