Making innovative strides in the flooring business since 1979, Adore Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers an array of products for a variety of different applications that encompass the residential, the commercial, and the heavy duty. Adore was the first company to reinforce their wear layers with MicroCeramicTM technology, as well as the first to introduce microbiostat floors that inhibit growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in order to provide healthier living environments. With several brands--including Decoria--under the Adore name, the company has outperformed many other LVT products on the market, and most recently has introduced its Regent collection, Adore's flagship product for wood-plastic composite (WPC) vinyl. As the flooring industry--the vinyl segment in particular--evolves, Adore has kept up the pace with the latest technological advancements and trends that keep customers coming back. The company's near-40-year experience in vinyl flooring manufacturing shows through its products that hold up to the highest standards of style, durability, and reasonable pricing.

With the steady increase in popularity of WPC vinyl products, Adore has kept innovation in mind and has a slightly different take on WPC than many other manufacturers out there. Adore recently introduced its Regent Royal X collection. Unlike standard wood-plastic composite cores made from high-density wood flour and polymer plastics, Adore Regent Royal X uses bamboo in place of wood byproducts, which enhances durability and the floor's waterproof properties. Since bamboo is technically a grass and can regrow once it is harvested, this puts less strain on the environment and doesn't require carefully watched managed forests to ensure sustainability. This bamboo composite core (BPC), as Adore calls it, is an excellent example of how the flooring industry keeps evolving, and how Adore isn't afraid to break the mold with innovation.

Offering vinyl floors that embrace the beauty of natural stone, ceramic tile, and hardwood, these resilient Adore products will liven up any living space or business, increasing comfort and drawing in customers with a sophisticated, inviting look. Call one of our flooring specialists today to learn more about Adore's luxury vinyl and WPC/BPC products, as well as tips for interior design ideas.

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