Hartco Hardwood

Hartco flooring is an American favorite for a reason. Manufacturing flooring options for over 100 years, Hartco Hardwoods are manufactured to enhance your home with beauty and classic styling, complementing your unique decor choices. With many hardwood collections made in the USA, Hartco's commitment to ensuring the timeless tradition of producing unique and artistic flooring options is well preserved. Suitable for residential and commercial business applications, hardwood flooring is more versatile than ever. Hartco hardwood floors are available in popular wood species such as domestic oak species, maples, and cherries- as well as offering the stunning natural color and graining of fine exotic woods.

If you are looking to achieve a classic, country look, consider Hartco's Rural Living collection. For a more modern, contemporary look, the Hartco Midtown collection blends a full spectrum of colors, textures, and varied wood species to create a clean open space. For a look that embodies the traditional appearance of colonial estates and American traditions, the American Scrape hardwood collection is the perfect blend of hickory wood and vintage accents. For an incredibly original and hand-finished look, the artesian Hand-Tooled Hickory hardwood line is a brilliant choice. Combining classic styling with hand-tooled accents, this collection will leave you awestruck. For commercial and high-traffic residential applications, Hartco Performance Plus is engineered to withstand wear and tear like no other. Infused with a tough acrylic, Performance Plus is scratch resistant, stain resistant and manufactured using Hartco's trademarked Lock&Fold technology for an easy application. With a lifetime finish and structural warranty, Performance Plus will endure the busy lives of you and your family.

The rich colors, textures, and designs of Hartco Hardwood Flooring will delight you and enrich your home with timeless warmth and appeal.

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