Shaw Contract Carpet

A leader in the flooring industry, Shaw Industries has just released 18X36, a collection of rectangular-shaped carpet tiles. Truly a show of simple genius, while the shift away from a standard square carpet tile may seem to be a small side-step away from the norm, the resulting design possibilities are a giant leap forward. Indeed, between offering a selection of six styles, all of which contain palettes that range anywhere from ten to twenty-one colorways, Shaw has afforded end-users with the ability to literally think and design outside of the box. Moreover, 18X36 has been manufactured with an EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q nylon fibers, making it a sturdy and environmentally sound product that consumers can feel good about having in both their homes and offices.

Similarly to the way a trendy 12�X24� porcelain or ceramic tile can be laid in a wide variety of patterns, 18X36 provides no cap for the imagination. In fact, because carpet tiles are thin enough to be cut with tools as basic as a nice pair of scissors, 18X36 can also be cut into strips, adding further to the potential patterns and designs that can be put together. Styles found within this collection include Blur, an offering of lines that look �barely there,� Overlay, a combination of linear geometric patterns, Laser Cut, which has a subtly �etched� design, Fade, a pattern that seems to disappear into itself, and Colour Plank, a series of twenty-one bold shades. Each of these styles can be mixed-and matched together with a pleasantly surprising level of ease, and consumers are sure to enjoy watching their personal design visions come to life.

As for the technologies that were used to create the 18X36 collection, consumers who love the environment will be thrilled to know that an EcoWorx backing means that each tile contains 40 percent recycled content and is one-hundred percent PVC free. For consumers less concerned about Mother Earth and more concerned about warranties, EcoWorx also means a lifetime commercial warranty. Following suit, Eco Solution Q nylon fibers also offer a great deal of recycled content (45%), and boasts the highest tensile strength (TS) rating possible, which is a system that rates how well a material withstands being stretched and pulled. All in all, whether you are in need of a simple and sophisticated flooring option for your office or a colorful and fun design for your home, 18X36 is an easy choice to make.

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