Naturally Aged Vinyl

Naturally Aged Vinyl
The Naturally Aged Regal collection offers luxury vinyl planks that are made to withstand day to day wear and tear. The Regal collection is 100% waterproof and resistant to dents and scratches. These floors are extremely durable and made to withstand the wear and tear caused by pets, kids, and heavy traffic areas.

The Embossed In Register textures throughout the planks give this collection a realistic and stunning appearance that is usually only achieved through real hardwood flooring.

The Collection

The Naturally Aged Regal collection is a quite large collection that offers a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Some flooring options will work better for more traditional spaces while others will pair better with more contemporary interior design styles. With so many options to choose from, there is something for everyone.

The collection has two dark brown flooring options. Naturally Aged Regal Greystone and Naturally Aged Regal Homestead are both a rich and bold blend of dark browns and slightly lighter browns, that create a dynamic flooring option.

The collection offers a number of warm, honey brown as well as light brown flooring options. Naturally Aged Regal Firestone is a mid-tone brown that is a blend of honey brown and slightly darker shades of brown. This floor is a warm and inviting neutral backdrop. Naturally Aged Regal Sandy Shore is another light brown flooring option in the collection. A blend of light blonde and brown tones, the floor adds a calm feel to a space. For a light blonde/brown floor that adds charm and character to a space, there's Naturally Aged Regal Winter White. The cracks throughout the floor and its slightly weathered appearance give it a unique appearance. Naturally Aged Regal Winchester is a blend of light browns and deeper chestnut browns. This floor adds a slightly rustic feel to a space. Naturally Aged Regal Vineyard is a more rustic floor than Naturally Aged Regal Winter White . The floor is weathered throughout. A blend of both mid-tone browns and chocolatey browns, this floor has an aged and antique appearance to it.

Naturally Aged Regal Fawn and Naturally Aged Regal Oceana are both light brown flooring options. The floors have an overall cool tone to them.

There are a number of grey flooring options in this collection. Naturally Aged Regal Flint Grey is one of the lightest grey floors in the collection. The floor is almost a cool grey that almost has a bright whiteness to it. Naturally Aged Regal Granite Grey is a slightly darker flooring option that is a blend of lighter and darker greys. This floor is perfect for adding a contemporary feel to a space. Naturally Aged Regal Platinum is a blend of light grey and slightly darker grey tones. Both Naturally Aged Regal Stone Grey and Naturally Aged Regal Lakehouse are a blend of grey tones with a distressed appearance. These floors are perfect for adding an aged charm to your space.

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