Inhaus Vinyl

Inhaus Vinyl

The Sono collection's tagline is "better to the core" and it couldn't describe this series better. This German-made flooring is innovative, as it's waterproof and made of materials free of PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, and plasticizers. It's also a zero waste product, due to the fact that the residual waste from manufacturing is recycled back into the product. Not only is the Sono collection eco-friendly, but they are also extremely low-maintenance! These floors only call for a simple sweep or damp mop occasionally to keep them in tip-top shape. This vinyl series offers striking visuals thanks to HD direct-to-core printed materials. This means that these planks convey realistic wood and stone looking design. On top of all of that, Sono floors are also stain resistant. Read on to learn more about this stunning, best-selling vinyl series.

Colors and Styles

There are 26 beautiful colors offered in the Sono collection. These options include warm and cool tones, and everything in-between, so you can customize your home exactly the way you want. If you are looking for something classic, indulge in the Heartland Walnut choice. These planks are incredibly warm and earthy, complete with an amber undertone. For something just as down to earth, but without the auburn shades, check out the Saloon option. This flooring is absolutely timeless due to the staple chocolate brown shade, and perfect for anyone looking to give their space an inviting ambience.

If you have your heart set on cooler colors, there are plenty of options for you too! One of them being the Antique Winter, which is about as icy as they come. These planks pair creams and light greys and will make you feel like you are walking on a fluffy patch of snow. (Minus the cold feet and red nose.) Another excellent choice on the lighter side is the Solera, which is a dynamic combination of bright whites and crisp silvers. Looking for flooring that is truly unique, and will set your home apart from your neighbors? If that's the case, be sure to consider the Pacific Beach shade. Inspired by the stunning West coast, these floors unite warm and cool tones to mimic the sand and water. Intense greys, ocean blues, and sandy beiges are the base tones, perfected with knots and authentic appearing details throughout the design. Another extraordinary choice is the Manchester choice. These planks break boundaries by bringing blueish greys and chestnuts into the same piece, which will create a work of art in any home.

If you are wanting your vinyl flooring to really magnify natural wood's etchings and engravings, then Old Western and Santa Fe are just what you need! Both of them accentuate genuine looking detailing throughout the designs, giving both choices a homey, and interesting ambience.


These floors call for a floating installation method. Thanks to this simple process, no power tools are required, making for a dust-free installation. All you will need is a utility knife to enjoy your Sono planks!


The Sono collection comes equipped with a lifetime residential warranty, and a 10 years commercial warranty. QualityFlooring4Less wants nothing more than for you to be able to enjoy your stunning floors for years to come, so we always include the full manufacturer warranty.

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