Mullican hardwood offers some of the highest quality wood floors in the world thanks to its unique processes of manufacture and quality control. From start to finish, each Mullican hardwood plank is inspected by hand to ensure no defects make it through the production line, giving the company a huge advantage over many other manufacturers who only spot check their wood or send it through a machine. There is no substitute for the naked eye, and Mullican recognizes this fact with the amount of care they put into their finished hardwood flooring products. For over 25 years, this premier flooring producer has been manufacturing some of the industry's finest hardwoods using cutting-edge milling techniques, advanced kiln drying, and rigorous inspection processes to deliver quality flooring for any home. From day one Mullican began with a mission to create the world's highest quality hardwood, and decades of happy homeowners are a testament to the company's success.

Mullican hardwood floors are harvested and manufactured from Appalachian woods for a truly American experience from start to finish. With an extensive collection that provides unbeatable style, you will be able to suit your unique design sensibilities. Both the hand-sculpted collections of Knob Creek and Chalmette are two detail-rich options with rustic touches, showcasing the classic beauty of hardwood. Buckingham Beach offers the timeless elegance of weathered wood with a smooth finish. Classic designers will love the Muirfield collection, sporting high levels of oak, maple, and hickory grain details. With both solid and engineered hardwoods available, you can enjoy Mullican floors in nearly any application. If you want a long-lasting floor that can be sanded and refinished multiple times, solid woods are the preferred choice. In areas susceptible to moisture such as basements and powder rooms, engineered wood is the more structurally stable option.

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