Roppe luxury vinyl flooring

brings sustainable design and authentic appeal to any living space. 2 collections offer the common benefits of affordable pricing, durability and beauty. You can now enjoy the aesthetic benefits of classic surfaces, such as hardwood or premium tile, without the pitfalls. Designers can now stay within remodeling budgets and still meet the demanding tastes of their clients.

Each of the two collections offers genuine patterns with unique accents. Both options are made largely from recycled content and post consumer waste. This eco friendly design helps contractors meet LEED Building certifications for various projects.

Families can now soften their footprint on the environment and still have a chic vinyl floor design. Chock full of nano silver particles, the surfaces of each collection are resistant to staph and e coli infections. A manufacturer's warranty from Roppe Flooring provides added assurance.

Turn to Roppe Northern Timbers for wood look floors with little compromise. You will see rich details and textures in each vinyl wood plank, which is ideal for rustic or naturally inspired themes. A vast array of 21 colors are available in a standard 6

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