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Philadelphia Commercial carpet flooring offers a wide selection of quality carpet flooring with a never ending selection of fashion-forward styles. Exceeding expectations, these commercial carpet floors play up the potential of any space for a welcoming environment revealing a modern style with a sense of adventure. Likewise, embrace the lively personality in each collection as Philadelphia Commercial Carpets offer some of the best warranties in the business.

A trusted name in flooring, these commercial floors withstand above average wear and tear for trusted flooring. Additionally, embrace easy installation application with 24x24� carpet tiles and the newly introduced LockDot application method. These simple pressure sensitive adhesive methods offer a non-toxic installation while cutting down on time and labor costs as each tile simple sticks into place. Additionally, with individual tile installation, repairing is even easier as one tile can be replaced at a time rather than the entire floor.

Eliminating VOC emissions, Philadelphia Commercial Commercial Carpets strongly emphasize environmental practices offering Cradle to Cradle guaranteed products consisting of recycled EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q Nylon fibers. Likewise, these smart sustainable solutions help any business gain points towards LEED certification without degrading the quality or durability of each carpet tile. The Ripple Effect collection offers a sense of organic flow and movement to any commercial space with subtle, complimenting shade variations. Differing greatly, the Sync Up collection displays a variety of contrasting tones for added excitement applied with a strict linear graphic offered in 13 vibrant shades. Sticking with the linear effect, Quick Change is a more subtle collection offering optimal versatility with a modern influence offered in nine neutral tones.

With a ceaseless selection of stylish flooring, Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet tile flooring is a well-respected manufacture for superior quality with outstanding durability. Infusing personality into any commercial spaces, these revolutionary carpet tiles are built to last, backed by some of the best warranties in the business. Confidentially standing up to every day wear and tear with ease, Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet tiles likewise offer simple applications. With 24" x24� carpet tiles, installation is a snap while saving on both time and labor costs. Likewise, the recent introduction of LokDots allow for simple, pressure sensitive adhesive installation that is a non-toxic and odorless adhesive virtually eliminating any VOC emissions. Additionally, these versatile carpet tiles allow for easy, one at a time replacements without needing to replace the entire flooring. Taking pride in reliable products with a fashionable lure, Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet tiles are likewise a sustainable alternative. Working to gain your building points towards LEED certification, Shaw floors offer Cradle to Cradle guaranteed products comprised of recycled EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q Nylon fiber contents without degrading the level of durability or quality.

Built to last, the beauty of these commercial carpet tiles are effortlessly timeless ensuring a long-lasting, appealing product. A variety of graphics from liner to prints and geo lends geometric patterns with organic appearances in various complimenting hues. Differing, Sound Advice is a versatile collection with an energetic complexion of faint speckled hues offered in 16 distinct shades. Presenting a strict linear appearance, Wired is a refined collection with six affluent shades to choose from.

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