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Aladdin Vinyl

Aladdin Vinyl Plank

Aladdin vinyl plank flooring from Mohawk achieves common goals with one-of-a-kind aesthetics. The endless color options run the gamut from luxurious dark tones to radiant shades. From the weathered look of driftwood for sun-soaked spaces to sumptuous chocolate for a rustic feel, this wood-look vinyl floor opens up an array of design choices. Whatever the effect, 6-foot x 48-inch planks showcase each pattern and swirl. Meanwhile, an industry leading warranty adds peace-of-mind to residential or commercial projects.


Making it easy for you to create the right ambience for your home’s vinyl floor design. That was clearly among the goals of Mohawk craftsmen when conceiving this eclectic lineup. Within each of the 9 primary colors are multiple choices that offer incomparable flexibility.

For a contemporary feel, consider the 11 available shades of Aladdin Emergent, with wood-look visuals that capture natural or artificial light with a welcoming embrace. To mimic the appearance of white marble, a designer could turn to Aladdin Vinyl Grass Valley. Each of the staggering 42 options are well-suited for contemporary spaces, such as living rooms with dark fabrics that create striking contrasts.

Given the Neutral design concepts may choose among the fourteen shades of Entrenched to achieve balance. The medium brown planks alternate between dark and light swirls to replicate what nature creates, with added durability. Aladdin Travel Light is another viable choice for neutral approaches.

Looking for waterproof vinyl chock full of rustic appeal? Aladdin’s In Bound has espresso colors with splashes of white chocolate commands attention. Wood tables and cream or white fabrics are just some of the ways to foster a vintage feel in kitchens, living rooms or even bedrooms. A similar approach can be taken with Rooted, which touts 6 points along the color spectrum.

Quality Flooring 4 Less is happy to brainstorm on which colors are best for your project. Simply call us for a 1-on-1 design consultation.


What are the benefits of luxury vinyl floors? The Aladdin series is durable and softer underfoot. This allows you to enjoy the look of premium materials without many of the pitfalls. As a waterproof material, contractors and builders alike can install in bathrooms, kitchens or other spaces subject to moisture.

Given the water-resistant properties, your design options also include basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms and entryways.


Created with versatility to spare, applications range from heavy residential use to light or medium commercial.


Smart Select warranties from Mohawk protect against various conditions for various terms. For residential, the warranty length varies based on the thickness and wear layer. A light commercial warranty is also available based on the specs. Other natural attributes include increased stain and wear-resistance when compared to hardwoods.

Maintenance Tips

A soft-bristled mop or broom is an easy way to clean vinyl flooring. Warm water is suggested for mopping. Soft clothes with approved vinyl sprays are often all that is needed to clean shoe prints, scuffs or other marks. Rather than drag couches or tables, we suggest picking up furniture when moving items.


  • Stunning wood-look visuals.
  • Endless color options ranging from vintage to contemporary.
  • Easy to maintain and durable.
  • Waterproof. Opens up design ideas to nearly any room.

How to Order

510-698-5142. Fast shipping with personal support are among the ways we make your project easier.

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