Mullican Mount Castle

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Mullican Mt. Castle hardwood flooring offers elegance worthy of a castle positioned at the summit of a majestic mountain range. The wide planks available through this collection visually expand even humble interior spaces to fit the palatial home of your dreams. Providing two distinct wood species, Oak and Walnut, this luxurious hardwood line also allows for a wide variety of on-trend colors through the use of quality wood stains which effortlessly compliment the natural variation and beauty of each wood plank. This durable flooring is built to perform well in any climate and maintain its refined aesthetics for years to come while also pledging that each wood floor is sustainably produced through the best procurement practices.

Through this collection, you will find a variety of wood colors ideally suited to creating the most up-to-date styles witnessed in the interior decorating world today. Mt. Castle Charcoal, Colonial Gray, and Stirling offer a range of exquisite gray flooring options for a look that perfectly matches modern trends. Charcoal, for example, has a reclaimed, mineral-infused appearance with only a faint hint of wood-browns peering from behind its smoky grays. Colonial Gray is cool with steely tones stirring throughout a fine wood growth pattern in streaks of light, silvery movement. Mt. Castle Stirling, meanwhile, is a fine-grained assortment of gray tones edged by hazy hues of burnt sienna and taupe. The collection is not limited to trendy grays, however, and boasts a variety of bright natural tones in both fine and larger wood grain textures. Truffle, for example, is a warm chocolate brown with cinnamon accents. Mt. Castle Autumn possesses an inner amber light and the fresh look of golden honey-wheat tones.

Mt. Castle hardwood planks are available in wide, 7.44 inch planks of varying lengths. This additional width creates added dimension to rooms. The beveled edges and ends give this quality flooring a finished appearance and each engineered floor is guaranteed to work equally well in on grade, above grade, and below grade installations. Additionally, this fine floor is backed by a 25 year finish warranty. Consider this gorgeous, on-trend hardwood floor as a stylish and functional addition to your home castle today!
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