Mullican Parkmore

Mullican Parkmore

The Parkmore collection is carved from stunning, white oak tree trunks, completed with a wire brushed texture and beveled edge. Of all the Mullican flooring options, the options from the Parkmore collection appear the most pure and clean. If you want a no-fuss look, Parkmore should be at the top of your list. With Parkmore planks installed, your home will simultaneously appear cosy and up-scale. All of the Parkmore planks are hand-crafted in the United States.

Our Parkmore flooring comes in four beautiful colors, Havana Coffee, Natural, Toasted Almond, and Nightingale. (Yes, they are as dreamy as their names imply.)

The Havana Coffee is one of the darkest in the mix, and it sports a classic, chocolate tone. This choice will pair well with lighter furnitures and cabinets, while never going out of style.

The Natural option is just elegant and graceful as it sounds. This tone is soft and simple, and will let your home's furnishings and overall apparel be the stars of the show. If you are a minimalist, then say hello to this perfect, subtle option.

Nightingale has a gorgeous base tone of chestnut brown, with grey, delicate details along the grain. This intense tone will look stunning for years to come.

And finally, Toasted Almond. This color exudes an airy, hazel tone that allows the natural fibers and grains to come to light. Toasted Almond looks just like that heaven sent latte you order from your local coffee shop, and never get sick of.

No matter which of the Parkmore colors catches your eye, you will fall in love with your pure, sleek design more every day.


Unlike other flooring choices, the Parkmore collection can be installed at any grade. (Pro tip: it's especially good for basements!) There are also a variety of installation methods, including glue, staple-down, and float.


These planks are 6.5 inches wide and ⅜", making them much more sturdy than the average floors' mere 5 inches.


This product comes with a 25 year warranty, so you can trust that your Parkmore floors look just as stunning as they did moments after installation.

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