Mullican Madison Square

Mullican Madison Square

The Madison Square collection offers modern, contemporary tones that are sure to make a brilliant statement in any home. Each plank is perfected by a gorgeous Aluminum Oxide finish that brings a long lasting gloss on the top layer. This entire collection was driven by elegance and charm. The four coffee and vanilla blends will keep homeowners smiling every time they look down.


Because of its unconventional width being at 6.5 inches, these planks are long lasting and reliable. These floors also have planks of random lengths, up to 6 feet long.

Colors and Styles

Aged Penny was made for homeowners and designers that love an amber hue, and arenít afraid to show it. Unlike other floors with cherry undertones, this one is not diluted at all! As the name implies, it comes off as a beautiful, rustic penny tint.

Unlike Aged Pennyís boldness, Ashen Tan offers the user a more graceful, beige tone that will complement almost any color scheme. Although the Ashen Tan color is subtle, it is anything but boring.

Early Dusk takes ordinary chestnut and transforms it into a stunning tone, thanks to these planksí warm, golden tints. The natural grains and imperfections are outlined in a simple chocolate color vertically along the floors.

Riverdale has the richest tones of them all. These planks have feathery, mousy and caramel hues, that make for an unforgettable experience in any space.

No matter which of the Madison Square colors you have an eye for, you can guarantee that they will leave a bold and unforgettable impression in any space.


Like other collections from Mullican, Madison Square planks can be installed at any grade, but are an especially great fit for basements. There is also variety in the installation methods including staple down, glue, and float.


All four of the stunning options from the Madison Square collection come with a 50 year warranty, to ensure that your floors stay in perfect condition!

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