Mullican Nature Plank

Mullican Nature Plank
The Mullican Nature hardwood collection has a comfy, natural design that reflects the dramatic spirit of Mother Nature in the form of durable, stylish hardwood flooring. Each floor features a high variety of natural characteristics such as mineral streaks, knotholes, wormholes, expressive grain, and high color variation. These details add to the overall appearance and feel of the wood, giving it the characteristics that make hardwood flooring so stunning. Three widths and four finishes allow for customization so you can have the ideal floor for your space. These ¾" thick solid hardwoods are inherently strong and protected with an Alpha A'lumina Real World finish, standing up to decades of tumbling children, rowdy pets, and wild parties. The Mullican Nature collection is a tour of the world's most beautiful hardwoods.

Mullican Nature is highly customizable depending on your design needs. Planks are offered in 5" widths. This series incorporates beautiful soft brown wood with color variations from honey gold to strawberry blends; we recommend installing this hardwood flooring in the bedrooms. Hickory Nature is a lovely rustic light brown wood with rippling grains and natural knotholes that go well with vintage styles. Traditional designers will love Nature, with its golden glow that looks lovely in open spaces. Your house could use some natural elegance, and the Nature collection delivers superior floors for your sophisticated décor.

The Collection

The Mullican Nature Plank collection comes in a range of four different colors. Espresso is a deep, dark, cherry brown. This rich and dramatic hardwood would be perfect for a more formal space such as a home office or den. Greystone is a blend of light and medium tone greys. This floor would pair well with contemporary home décor. Natural is a light, hickory brown. This floor is perfect for adding a rustic appearance to a space and it perfect for a living room or kitchen area. Provincial is a warm, chestnut brown. This floor is warm and inviting and it perfect for a living room space.

See a flooring option that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Mullican Nature Plank collection in general.

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