Mullican Chatelaine

Mullican Chatelaine
Mullican Chalmette hardwood collection is hand-sculpted from the finest natural maple, oak, walnut, and hickory. This premium ˝” thick hardwood floor fuses the rustic wooden look with a modern engineered construction for the best balance of style, character, and durability. As a result of the collection’s an engineered status, it is particularly well suited for environments with high levels of humidity, basements, and other direct-to-concrete applications. The generous width of each plank showcases the richness of the natural wood grain, and adds to the overall warmth and charm of the line.

The colors of found in this collection allow incredible design flexibility. Chalmette Ebony Oak is a deep medium to dark brown hue with complex oak graining. Hickory Sundance is a bright, fiery solar collage of reds, gold, and tans. The most elegant color in the collection is, perhaps, Maple Brownstone. This mysterious, sugary brown exudes timeless antique beauty with a dark, knotty grain. Chalmette Brazilian Cherry is another vibrant and warm option with fine grains bursting with yellow-gold fire next to streams of rich ochre-browns. Walnut Colonial, meanwhile, is cool and calm, with stately coffee browns delicately brushed with toffee tones. Provincial Hickory is a highly textured brunette color with tawny highlights and cedar mid-tones. Oak Saddle, meanwhile, is a comfortable mixture e of warm tan and russet brown, ideal for a down-home, country kitchen. Whether you are seeking the exotic or a more familiar country look, you will clearly find it within this collection.

Mullican Chalmette hardwood collection offers the extremely popular and appealing look of wide 5” planks in lengths that vary as an attractive feature of natural wood. Finished with Alpha A’Lumina each 7-ply plank is hand-sculpted to provide a beautiful sheen with a richly textured surface. Every hand-sculpted plank includes beveled ends and edges. These classic hardwood floors add a new warmth and life to any room in the home. WORDS 315
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