Mullican Wexford

Mullican Wexford
The Mullican Wexford collection brings the beauty of White Oak hardwood flooring to life with wire-brushed hardwood that has texture and character. With a range of eight colors to choose from, this collection offers variety, character, and quality hardwood flooring options.

The Wexford collection is White Oak hardwood. There are many benefits of using White Oak for hardwood flooring. Firstly, White Oak is extremely versatile. The wood has a grey/brown undertone that makes it pair well with a range of interior designs. The White Oak colors pair well with warm and cool tones. Secondly, White Oak has a cleaner grain to it. This makes it pair well with contemporary spaces and lengthen or widen small spaces. Need a durable floor? White Oak is harder than red oak or white ash, allowing it to withstand a lot more wear and tear without getting damaged. Due to the closed-grain wood of White Oak, it is slightly more moisture resistant than other wood species, making it ideal for kitchen or half-bathroom spaces.

Each plank is wire brushed and finished with a PPG Ultra Low Gloss Finish. Every plank has a beveled edge/beveled end. Planks are 4 inches wide and random length of up to six and a half feet. Each plank is ¾ inches thick. The collection comes with a lifetime finish warranty. Planks can be installed at or above grade. A staple-down or nail-down installation method is recommended when installing these floors.

When it comes to maintenance, vacuum your floors regularly so that they stay in top condition. If spills occur wipe them up as soon as possible. For routine maintenance, use hardwood cleaner periodically to give floors a deep clean.

The Collection

The collection comes in eight stunning hardwood flooring colors. Autumn Bronze is a natural, light brown that adds warmth into a space and would pair well in a space with a lot of lighting. Cascade is a light and contemporary hardwood floor that would pair well in a space where you want a little more character and warmth. The light, blonde wood brightens and opens up a space. Charcoal is a darker, medium tone blend of brown and grey. This floor has a sophisticated appearance to it. Espresso is a rich, chocolatey brown. This dark brown floor is bold and adds a formal feeling to a space. It is perfect for a formal dining area or at home office space. Harbor Mist is another darker color in the collection. This rich brown floor has a lot of character to it and adds warmth to a space. Marble is a light, blonde floor with a blend of dark knots throughout. This floor is perfect for a contemporary interior design space that has a lot of lighting. Natural is a light, medium, warm toned yellow brown. This floor is the perfect neutral backdrop for any space in a home. Seabrook is a soothing grey flooring option with hints of light, ashy grey throughout.

See a flooring option that would be perfect for your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Mullican Wexford collection in general.

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