Mullican Revival

Mullican Revival

The Revival collection simultaneously is delicate, and intense. All of the color choices offer gorgeous, rich tones that will never disappoint. This collection is carved from only the best white oak tree trunks. The saturations are enhanced using a special heat-treating technique that gives these planks a natural and effortless glow. On top of all of that, these stunning planks are offered at an unbeatable price. This collection is completed with an Aluminum Oxide finish, giving it a stunning, long lasting glossy appearance. The Revival collection is also made in the United States.


These planks are 6.5 inches wide and 7/16”, making them much more sturdy than the average floors’ mere 5 inches.

Colors and Styles

There are three gorgeous colors in the Revival collection, and all of them have a captivating cherry untone to complement their base hues. The Tuscany option looks like something out of a movie. Its planks vary from deep chocolate browns, to feathery hazels, but come together to create something extraordinary. Of the three, the Tuscany has the most vibrant and noticeable red tint, and wears it flawlessly.

Canterberry, the lightest of the three, radiates a luxurious amber tint. For copper enthusiasts that are looking for something that is muted, yet still is personalized; check out the Canterberry.

New Dawn is timeless, with an edge. It uses prime colors, like cinnamon and hazel, but has standout planks that are a very dark brown. Because it uses timeless colors, this option will suit your home’s aesthetics now, and later.

All of these options from the Revival collection will make your home’s floors stand out from your neighbors, and are sure to impress any potential visitors with its striking hues.


These engineered hardwood planks can be installed at any grade, but are especially suitable for basements. Like many of our floors, there are several installation techniques to get the job done, including staple-down, glue, and float.


All of the options from the Revival collection come with a 50 year warranty.

If you are looking to add dimension to any space, consider one of the rich, stunning tones from the Revival collection.

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