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LM Flooring St. Laurent

LM Flooring St. Laurent
LM Flooring St. Laurent engineered hardwood floors mixes the old world charm of hardwood with high tech imaging to create authentic details that match any décor scheme. This hardwood flooring collection mimics the natural qualities of various species of wood with fine grain, intricate patterns and hand scraped details across the aluminum oxide finish.

You can choose from eight available colors in various plank sizes to create custom design effects in rooms of various sizes. Each hardwood floor is backed by separate residential and commercial warranties. The multiply construction features 4¬sided beveled edges and 1⁄2” thickness that endure all levels of foot traffic. With float, nail or staple installation, contractors can deliver a lasting fit that is both time and cost efficient.

The collection comes with a 50 year Residential warranty and a 5 year Light Commercial warranty.

The St. Laurent Collection

In terms of hardwood flooring colors option in this collection, this is a one of a kind lineup.

The eight shades cross all points on the color spectrum with distinct details across the distressed finished floors. St. Laurent Windsor and St. Laurent Toulon are two of the darkest flooring options in this collection. St. Laurent Windsor is a deep, chocolatey brown that is blended with lighter brown tones. The floor has an overall distressed and aged appearance to it. St. Laurent Toulon is a slightly lighter version of St. Laurent Windsor. This floor has a greater contrast to it with light brown tones and rich, dark browns blended right next to one another.

St. Laurent Laval is a contrasting mid-tone grey blended with bright whites. This blend creates a floor that has an overall minimalistic and contemporary appearance to it. The contrast throughout the floor is enough to make a bold statement in a space. St. Laurent Privas is another light flooring option in this collection. This soothing, beige and light brown blend is perfect for adding a slightly sophisticated feel to a space.

St. Laurent Windy City is a soothing, mid-tone grey-brown. This floor is has a subdued appearance to it, making it a blend of both light and dark. St. Laurent Arctic Gray a distressed light grey floor that adds character to a space.

St. Laurent Castellon is a blend of light, ashy browns and light beiges. The floor has an overall distressed appearance to it. St. Laurent Montrose is a warm, honey brown blend of light browns and mid-tone browns with knots throughout.

Please call us for square footage quotes on LM Flooring St. Laurent engineered hardwood floors. Our flooring specialists will assist with your order from start to finish.

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