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LM Flooring Westbury

The LM Westbury collection mixes rustic and modern design in order to create a collection that has a sleek and sophisticated look

Planks comes in a size of 7.25 inches wide and 72 inches long with a thickness of 3/8 inches.

These floors are wire-brushed, Aluminum Oxide finished, and Ultra-Matte finished. Aluminum Oxide finish is a mineral that forms a hard coating over a plank that protects a floor against a scratches, dents, and scruffs. Ultra-Matte finish is a slight sheen that brings put the luster and depth of real hardwood flooring.

In terms of installation, these floors can be installed using the glue down, nail, staple, or float method. With so many installation methods to choose from the installation process runs a lot smoother.

The LM Westbury collection comes with a 25 year Residential warranty.

The LM Westbury Collection

The LM Westbury collection comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The collection ranges from

LM Westbury Purcell is a smooth, light beige that is blended together with light greys. This floor is both soothing and calming. It is the perfect neutral backdrop to a space.

LM Westbury Glacier is a light grey floor that has a slightly aged and antique appearance to it. The floor is a blend of light greys and light blondes. LM Westbury Karma is a blend of dark greys and dark browns with slight ashy beige tones throughout.

LM Westbury Belfort and LM Westbury Taupe are the two darkest colors in this collection. LM Westbury Taupe is a bold, dark brown floor that is sleek and contemporary. LM Westbury Belfort, on the other hand, is a warm, chestnut floor that has dark chocolate browns throughout.

LM Westbury Castellon is a mid-tone brown floor. A blend of beige, dark browns, and warm mid-tone browns, this floor is sleek, soothing, and inviting. This is the perfect floor for adding a contemporary touch to a space. LM Westbury McKinley is one of the most unique flooring options in the collection. This floor is a blend of mid-tone browns, light, ashy greys, and warm, light browns. The blend of the colors has an all around rustic yet contemporary feel to it.

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